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Ad Exchange 101: Whitelisting and Blacklisting domains


Jun 2018

Programmatic advertising offers marketers and brands an effective way to refine their targeting by narrowing down on the right audiences for their ad campaigns. We live in an age where ad fraud and spam is common. Proliferation of fake news has had a profound impact on how advertisers market their brands which is why in the current marketing environment, the syndication of whitelists and blacklists...

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Jul 2015

We have launched a major update to the Banner Channel within our Ad Exchange! Our banner channel is now fully self served with no minimum budget. Advertisers can upload 300×250, 728×90 and 468×60 banners directly to the Bevo Ad Exchange interface, select what sites they want their banners to appear on, and have traffic begin almost instantly! Best of all, this is an entirely new...

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Nov 2014

We have added some new features to our Pops and Intext channels within the Bevo Ad Exchange. These features include: 1.) Mass updating of bid prices (all targets or selected targets) 2.) Automatically increase targets to Top Bid prices 3.) Pause, Delete, and Search campaigns on Full Screen You can access these features within the “Sites” tab when creating or editing a campaigns (see screenshot...

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Feb 2014

The Ad Exchange now offers new traffic channels! As of today, the Bevo Ad Exchange now offers PPV and Intext traffic through the display exchange. This traffic is extremely unsaturated and available in a number of different countries. Also included in the most recent update is a new traffic option called “Source My Offer”. When a new “Source My Offer” campaign is created, the Bevo...

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Dec 2013

We are a few months into the Bevo Ad Exchange launch and we’ve made some changes to our Display Exchange based on feedback from our users. These are the changes specifically to our Display Exchange. We will have all our updates regarding the Affiliate Exchange in another post next week. Updates are as follows: 1.) Account Management – We adjusted the platform to be a...

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