Ad Exchange 101: Whitelisting and Blacklisting domains

Ad Exchange 101: Whitelisting and Blacklisting domains
10 Jun 2018

Programmatic advertising offers marketers and brands an effective way to refine their targeting by narrowing down on the right audiences for their ad campaigns. We live in an age where ad fraud and spam is common. Proliferation of fake news has had a profound impact on how advertisers market their brands which is why in the current marketing environment, the syndication of whitelists and blacklists is considered a fair choice.

Today, where you can target placements in ad networks to show your ads on specific websites and domains (through whitelists), you can also exclude ad placements on various domains and websites (via blacklists) that aren’t appropriate for or helping your brand.

Even though blacklists and whitelists are generally not applied together but when used in conjunction with each other, both these lists help marketers to tighten the scope of their ad campaigns. Marketers are able to zero in on the target audience and boost their ad campaign ROI by almost 30% with blacklists and reach out to a specific audience with a whitelist.


How Whitelists and Blacklists work?

Through a whitelist advertisers can specify which domains and websites they want their ads to run on. Websites and domains specified in the whitelist will have ads appear in those designated places and marketers know that targeting a specific audience will get them a better return on their investment.

In comparison, blacklists work in reverse. Instead of specifying where your ads should be placed, blacklists target domains and websites where your ads should not go. By using a blacklist, marketers can ensure that their ads run anywhere other than the indicated list.


Type of domains you can add in the blacklist

  • Underperforming domains
  • Certain websites that don’t fit your brand
  • Automatic irrelevant placements that don’t fit your business
  • Domains or websites where your ads are showing but not performing well

Add Whitelists and Blacklists for your Ad Campaigns on Bevo Ad Exchange

When you set up a campaign on Bevo Media Ad Exchange, you can select specific domains to target or exclude for each of your ad campaign. Our enhanced advertising features enable advertisers to create whitelists and blacklists of domains for each of their ad campaigns in relation to its scope. We have also made the process of creating a whitelist or blacklist relatively simple, so you can effectively reach out to your target audience.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.