[COMING SOON] Vizdum – Self Hosted Online Dashboard for Marketers

[COMING SOON] Vizdum – Self Hosted Online Dashboard for Marketers
04 Jan 2018

Are you an online marketer who finds it hard to keep track of all your network accounts? Is monitoring all your daily spend and revenue taking up a major chunk of your time?  If yes, then know that you and tens and thousands of other online marketers have the same problem and we have the PERFECT SOLUTION for you!

Introducing Vizdum’s First-ever Self Hosted Online Dashboard for Online Marketers!

Vizdum’s Self Hosted Marketing Dashboards enable you to:

  • Consolidate all your traffic, data sources, mailing clients and more on a single platform
  • Customize all your reports based on the metrics that matter on a centralized platform
  • Dashboard integration with the most popular ad networks and affiliate networks 
  • Get new networks added and customized according to your needs and requirements
  • Gain 100% control and maximum privacy for your data 
  • Easily visualize and share data across ALL devices

The problem with other online dashboards in the market is that they are not specific enough to benefit the online marketers in their requirements and are unable to help them in managing big data overload. The main aim of Vizdum’s self hosted online dashboards is to provide users with a customized consolidation of their data for their specific needs, allowing them to monitor key metrics coming in from varied sources on a centralized platform. Because all data coming in will be hosted on the user’s own servers, they gain 100% control of their data.

Vizdum’s self hosted online dashboards work with you to help you make perfect sense of your business data!

Interested to know more? Vizdum is inviting you to become a part of our journey. They are bringing on a handful of loyal beta testers to try out the first version of their self hosted online dashboards and provide feedback before the official public launch. Becoming a Vizdum beta user will give you premium access to the latest features, updates and dibs on the newest tweaks as they come out.

To become a Beta Tester for Vizdum Signup here

Expect to see a public launch of the official Vizdum Self Hosted Online Dashboard Solutions in the upcoming weeks!


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.