5 Reasons Advertisers should run Programmatic Native Ad Campaigns

5 Reasons Advertisers should run Programmatic Native Ad Campaigns
14 May 2018

Native ad campaigns are helping brands to really shine. They are impressive when it comes to driving traffic and boosting audience engagement with the brand in the long run. They are also known to have a better response rate as compared to display. Ever since Facebook began offering marketing channels for native content, native ads started to gain more prominence. Although native ads have yet to be explored to their full potential, they are expected to make up to 74% of the total US display ad revenue by 2021.

We live in an age of storytelling where interactive content appeals and marketers want to smartly entice the audience with a more natural content that does not give off the ‘in-your-face feel’. Understanding and using native ad campaigns to their full potential is a prerequisite if you want to give your brand the much needed visibility and sales boost. Native ads have been designed to blend into its surroundings which is why much of the sponsored content you view today on Facebook and Instagram is so discrete that most of us don’t even notice viewing it as sponsored content. The native ads adapt so well to the rest of the content on the website that most of us end up thinking that the content that is currently showing in our News feed is the result of a friend’s like.

Did you know that many brands today are smartly maximizing the potential success of their marketing campaigns with the help of native ads? If you didn’t know this, then let us give you a brief understanding about why they are doing so. Here are five reasons advertisers are running native ad campaigns:


1. Native Ad Campaigns are Cost Effective

Native ad placements are far cheaper in comparison to display ad placements. They also have higher click-through and conversion ratio in comparison. At Bevo Media Ad Exchange, for instance, we allow advertisers to start campaigns on the lowest minimum deposit of $50 only.


2. Native Ad Campaigns blend in with Editorial Content

Because the native ads adapt to the environment they are in and perfectly blend in with the editorial content, users are twice as likely to click on them as compared to the traditional banner ads. The viewable impressions of native ad campaigns is four times higher than display.


3. Native Ad Campaigns offer a better User Experience

Native ads content is more likely to be read and shared as compared to other ads because they are not annoying like the pop up ads or obnoxious like the banner ads. A well delivered native ad campaign will not only engage the audience and drive traffic to the product page but also convert, resulting in improved sales.


4. Native Ad Campaigns captivate better Traffic

Native ads are viewed 25% more than regular banner ads which is why it offers tremendous increase in ROI. A well placed native ad will lead viewers to content which captivates the interest of both, the prospective audience and returning customers. This automatically leads to improved brand perception and builds brand loyalty.


5. Native Ad Campaigns works well with Mobile

Mobile marketers who run native ad campaigns have reported seeing better traffic and improved results which enabled them to effectively achieve brand goals and drive conversions.

Native ad campaigns can improve brand engagement and increase brand visibility up to 45%. The best part is that native ad campaigns can run on mobile, with video and even on display. Marketers are readily using native ad campaigns for not just branding but also prospecting and retargeting because the format offers a lot of flexibility.


Ready to go Native?

For today’s brands, Native advertising makes an excellent part of the marketing mix. Advertisers and marketers are leveraging programmatic native which enables them to match their reader’s interests with the correct content. At Bevo Media Ad Exchange, we offer enhanced features which allow advertisers to gain greater control over their specific audience type and the placements. You can select from the type of browser your audience uses to the carriers, operating system, country, state, zip code, IP lists, dozens of macros and much more. You also gain the superior real time reporting feature which enables you to view reports based on a specific date, campaign and country.

From great user experiences to seamless experiences and ad relevance – Native ad campaigns have much to offer to both advertisers as well as the consumers. Over the next few years we are expecting to see a rise in the demand and reach of native advertising in the mobile space specifically.

Have you gone native yet? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.