5 Things Only a Powerful Affiliate Marketing Platform will have

5 Things Only a Powerful Affiliate Marketing Platform will have
11 Oct 2017

Our website is home to hundreds of affiliates from around the world. Quite a few of them are new, beginners who are just starting up or home based business owners who have successful blogs and want to generate some smart passive income. Today, we decided on doing a brief guide for all those newbie affiliates who are wondering why they should join an affiliate marketing performance platform.

So if you are one of those people who want to join the affiliate marketing ranks and wish to learn about it a little better– this one’s for you.


Why more people are joining Affiliate Marketing Performance Platforms?

There are thousands of affiliate marketing platforms out there where people can join in and start making online revenue. Publishers can earn by promoting the products and services of various advertisers. Affiliate marketing is typically considered as a win-win for the advertisers and the publishers. By joining an affiliate network, both advertisers and publishers have a lot to gain. Advertisers are able to promote and create brand awareness of their various online businesses, increase traffic and drive incremental sales. While the publishers select various products to promote through an affiliate marketing performance platform, based on their niche, and earn revenue for their marketing efforts.

Over the last few years, affiliate programs have gained popularity as advertisers worldwide see a rapid rise in affiliate programs. Today, 80% of brands utilize affiliate marketing while over 15% of all digital media industry’s revenue comes from this industry. Affiliate marketing performance platforms are currently viewed as the most profitable marketplaces as more and more advertisers report brand awareness of products, traffic increase and sales growth.

Want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing? Read our Definitive Guide to Affiliate Marketing for a complete overview of the industry and its terminologies.


What to consider when joining an Affiliate Marketing Platform?

Despite the affiliate industry being lucrative, one thing to remember is that not all affiliate marketing platforms and programs are created equal. Here are five things you must consider when selecting an affiliate marketing performance platform:

1. Network reputation matters

It never hurts to read what users have to say about the network. Search for reviews or ask in public forums to get an honest opinion about the affiliate marketing platform you wish to join. Before you join an affiliate marketing performance platform, you should know about it. Is the company running the affiliate network reputable? What do other affiliates have to say about that network? Are they selling products that appeal?

2. Opt for your niche of interest

Choose an affiliate platform that offers niche and products in your category of interest. When you opt for products of your interest, it becomes easier to promote them and you will be more invested in their marketing as opposed to products which are neither relevant nor of your niche. Before deciding on promoting a product, conduct a research to learn the search volume of the keywords associated with the product.

3. Commissions and payouts

Marketing products requires considerable time and effort which is why the commission percentage and payout associated with the products up for advertising has to be worth your while. Apart from payouts, payment schedule must also be noticed and the method of payment in which you will be paid. All programs are different and will have varying commissions. Make sure you read the details of your partnership before you join. You do not want to end up signing up on an affiliate marketing platform only to realize after all your hard work that you are unable to collect the payment because the payment mode doesn’t work for you.

4. Timely support and response

A reliable affiliate marketing platform will offer ample of support to its affiliates. Regardless of whether you are new or a pro affiliate in the network, the affiliate marketing performance platform must have a good support system, a helpful resource center and good response time. The resource center should offer ample of tips, advice, tutorials and guides to help you adequately run your campaigns and track your sales. In case you have queries other than what the resource center provides, the affiliate marketing platform should offer various modes of contact.

5. Powerful campaign tracking

There is no point of running a marketing campaign if you cannot track it. Only a powerful affiliate marketing platform will be able to offer you an affiliate network with a campaign tracking system. Surprisingly enough, even though you will find hundreds of affiliate networks out there, but you won’t find many affiliate marketing platforms that also offer fully featured military grade campaign tracking.

The affiliate marketing platform with an upper hand…

In today’s fast paced digital world, affiliate networks are positioning themselves for the future by evolving constantly and tweaking their offerings to remain relevant to both advertisers and publishers. At Bevo Media, that’s exactly what we are striving for. Ensuring that our affiliate marketing platform remains reliable and constantly working towards becoming the best.

We are proud to state that currently Bevo Media is the ONLY affiliate marketing platform to offer its users a 3 in 1 advantage with complete access to Affiliate Network + Ad Exchange + Ad Tracker

Meaning that when you sign up at Bevo Media network, you automatically gain access to:

  • Affiliate Network – gain access to 300+ highly converting campaigns, quick & reliable payments and 100% integrated to offer you full control
  • Ad Exchange – buy affiliate and display traffic from a central interface and bid on over 30 billion impressions per day
  • Ad Tracker – get extensive campaign tracking features including keyword tracking, ad tracking, landing pages, IPs, location, traffic sources, custom variables, centralized tag management and more

It just doesn’t get any better than this! We give our users a competitive advantage by offering them 3 platforms under 1 reliable roof, enabling them to buy, sell, market and track everything from a single source.

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Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.