7 Reasons Why Pop Under Advertising Still Works despite Ad Blockers

7 Reasons Why Pop Under Advertising Still Works despite Ad Blockers
16 Aug 2017

Pop under advertising is known to direct targeted mainstream traffic to your website by opening your display ad in a new window underneath the active window or a separate tab of the target audience.

This is one of the most common forms of online advertising used today. Even though many still prefer the pop up ads which most users have learnt to ignore, closing the window without even scanning the content, affiliates have now moved to pop under advertising as a preferred method of marketing.

Popunder AdsMany are now realizing that the very intrusive, irritating and rather annoying pop up ads lose them more potential visitors as compared to pop under advertising which does not impede the user’s ability to continue browsing the current window they are on. The pop up advertising method is more suitable for coaxing the targeted audience as it sits quietly in the background, waiting for the user to finish doing what they are doing, only to view the ad in their own time and make a decision.

Over the last few years pop under advertising has become an effective form, increasing in popularity despite the threat of ad blockers for the adult and gambling industry at large but many brands from other industries have also been leveraging this ad format.

Here are seven reasons for why pop under advertising is still working for many:

1. Targeted Approach

Pop under advertising is giving advertisers and affiliates a better chance at marketing their products and services to the targeted audience. Because these are generally shown across relevant product related publisher websites they offer a better chance of reaching the targeted readers.

2. Lasting Impression

Brands are creating a long lasting impact on the visitors with pop under ads which remain behind the screen until the targeted visitor is ready to view it. Because it stays in the line of sight, pop under advertising is known to convert better.

3. Better ROI & Traffic

Unlike the pop up ads, the pop under advertising format offers businesses a better chance at traffic and guarantees website views. Many business report these to be an instant source of pop under traffic as pop under advertising campaigns generate hundreds of visitors for them on a daily basis.

4. Mobile Advertising

Pop under advertising is readily supported by mobile ad networks. This is ‘interruption marketing’ in its full form where a user will not immediately see the new tab that has opened up in their browser but view it after closing the tab they were currently browsing on.

5. Run Aggressive Campaigns

Affiliates running pop under advertising campaigns for mobile will find that mobile traffic sources are more forgiving than Google or Facebook. Which means that some ad networks will allow them to run aggressive offers and landing pages which they will not be able to run elsewhere.

6. Cost Effective Ads

Compared to other modes of advertising, pop under advertising is a cost effective format and offers clicks at low costs. Specifically mobile ad networks will charge super low for pop under advertising as they provide untargeted pop under traffic which sounds great for affiliate on a low budget.

7. Ad Networks Support

Despite the recent declaration of Google regarding the block of pop under ads, there are plenty of top ad networks like Propeller, Bevo Media, Ad-Maven and others that still support pop under advertising. These ad networks are offering rewarding results with pop under advertising and offering international traffic coverage. It’s also easy to get started on these ad networks.


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Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.