5 Major Performance Marketing Trends that will Impact 2018

5 Major Performance Marketing Trends that will Impact 2018
30 Dec 2017

Affiliate marketing has proven to be the most cost effective and viable marketing channel, attracting brands from around the world. This is an extremely accountable performance marketing platform which offers advertisers a way to track, report, optimize and re-optimize campaigns while paying publishers for their contribution. Over the last few years, affiliate marketing has become a preferable option for marketers and brands alike. The major reason for its success being the middle ground it serves for both the advertisers and publishers.

We all saw a lot of changes and growth taking place in the performance marketing arena in 2017 and with the year at its end, there are quite a few lessons each of us will be taking into 2018. Given below are a few performance marketing trends I think will dominate 2018 and here is why I think each of these affiliate marketing lessons will matter:

  1. Perform through Influencer Marketing

We will definitely see more of influencer marketing during 2018. Performance marketing and influencer marketing will be blending together to give brands more exciting marketing methods. More affiliate marketers will move to influencer marketing while influencers happily jump onboard the affiliate marketing bandwagon. Influencer marketing has broadened the marketing platform and brands will now opt for performance marketers who can provide them with a varied approach and broader range of affiliate marketing.

  1. Cross Device Tracking will go Big

Cross device tracking will become an important compensation model. Brands have realized that consumers no longer use a single device to browse or buy. Most are browsing and researching on one device and buying through another which has made cross device tracking essential as well as inevitable. Marketers and brands will now opt for an affiliate marketing performance platform which allows them to harness the power of cross device tracking by utilizing the re-marketing technology to show ads to consumers who have not made a purchase after clicking on certain products.

  1. Cross Channel Performance Matters

More brands have come to realize the importance of cross channel performance and now rely heavily on using data coming in from cross-channels to optimize their marketing campaigns. In 2018, we will be seeing more of             inter-channel contributions and partnerships that contribute towards driving growth. The performance marketing category has broadened to encompass all types of mutually beneficial relationships and channels, be it social media or influencer marketing, partner marketing as now gone beyond the media buy to benefit both advertisers and publishers.

  1. Need for Better Campaign Reporting

2017 saw a rise in the demand for improved reporting tools that offer real-time data and forecast subsequent performance. Affiliates are more interested in monitoring their vendors and partners, processing consumer data and tracking campaign performance with business intelligence tools. Brands no longer want to remain unaware of opportunities in countries all around the world while remaining aware of their competitors. In 2018, we should definitely expect to see a rise in the demand and production of improved performance marketing tools.

  1. Mobile Marketing will Impact SEO

Personalization will continue to gain momentum as brands start to heavily rely on re-targeting efforts based on consumer tracking. Mobile will reign supreme over desktop devices, with more people using mobile to access various consumption channels. Brands will refocus their efforts on how to best engage their audiences and generate revenue online through increasingly consumer-friendly campaigns. SEO will no longer remain a separate game as performance marketing will become essential in driving quality links to websites and brands will be able to boost their website’s search engine influence by working dominantly with publishers from their specific niche.


Performance Marketing is finally receiving the credit it deserves…

Brands have realized the value of this strategic channel called ‘performance marketing’ and happily adding it to their marketing mix. This is essentially due to the varied new capabilities the performance marketing channel offers to understand consumers across multiple dimensions. Brands and marketers are now gradually sifting from the other less-productive marketing channels to affiliate marketing as they recognize its efficiency and performance value. Overall, mobile and partner marketing will continue to grow in importance for affiliate marketers, fueling their performance with high quality content and delivering strong returns for brands.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.