5 Performance Marketing Hacks for the Social Media Savvy

5 Performance Marketing Hacks for the Social Media Savvy
26 Dec 2017

Content is no longer easy to rank and is therefore harder to get noticed.

Organic reach in social media is now dead as searches on social media get more competitive, search algorithms continue to obscure original content and paid searches go at an all-time high.

All around the world, from brands to businesses and individuals, everyone is sharing content in the hopes to gain more fan following or making sales. Some share original and unique content, others share provocative and controversial content while still others share the already shared. Yet for the most part, content goes nowhere.

While content marketing and SEO are getting increasingly complicated, the truth is that social media isn’t all that easy either. Almost 99% of the brand content doesn’t get far while 50% of it gets zero social shares. Then again, there is that 1% content which gets thousands of shares. Organic doesn’t seem to get anywhere on the vast landscape of social media and it’s the paid advertising which is bringing in the much deserved attention for brands.

Social Media Hacks for a Smart Performance

Performance marketers are becoming smart as they learn that paid social ads provide them the cheapest and most scalable form of content promotion out there. It works well because performance marketers promote selective content which is remarketed to audience over a period of time, enabling brands to win those much needed leads and customers to make sales. Of course demographics play a major role and consumer behavior requires much more attention when you are marketing to a specific kind of audience. So how do you make paid social ads work for you?

Here are top 5 tested and tried social media hacks for performance marketers:

  1. Consumer Demographics, Behavior & Interests Matter

If you want to attract the right audience with your content then you need to be aware of them as well. The only way performance marketers are able to increase the engagement rate of their content is using enhanced audience targeting so they can specifically turn valuable potential leads into sales.

  1. Yield High with Customized Facebook & Twitter Ads

The key to successful paid social ads is to be picky about the content you use. By targeting a specific audience you avoid wasting time, energy and money. Higher post engagement will yield a higher relevance score on social channels like Twitter and Facebook and lower the cost of cost per engagement.

  1. Mix up Paid Social Ads with Paid Search Engine Ads

Mix up paid with organic, no matter which channel you are advertising on. The right promotional pyramid for performance marketers includes organic + paid search engine ads + paid social ads. Continue sharing content organically on social channels and search engines while you run PPC ads for your top performing content on Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Deliver Better Video Ads to Captivate the Right Audience

Paid content helps brands zero in on their target audience and video ads will further enhance this targeting with better engagement. Video ads are known to have a higher engagement ratio and easily make a better candidate for paid social ads. Facebook has the highest ratio of video watch after YouTube. Another platform which the performance marketers are now tapping into is influencer marketing which helps encourage high engagement content sharing.

  1. Remarket on an Affiliate Marketing Performance Platform

Remarketing your content will bring it in front of people who previously engaged with your content and have more potential of converting again. Your audience is twice as likely to buy content they have previously engaged with. This links to point #1 and 2. Combining high engagement content with a specific audience and then remarketing it with their demographics, behavior and interests will enable performance marketers to captivate a more specific audience. Opt for an affiliate marketing performance platform which offers enhanced audience targeting to better remarket your products and services.

Over the last few years, social media marketing has quickly become one of the most powerful tools to attract traffic, convert visitors, engage audience and drive sales. It is not just a cheap way to market to the relevant audience but can also enable performance marketers to turn visitors into consumers with compelling content. The above given social media hacks for performance marketers can super charge your ROI and take your content relevance to a new high.

Do you have any hack you’d like to share which we skipped? Share your thoughts.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.