The Major Performance boost Influencer Marketing is offering to SMBs

The Major Performance boost Influencer Marketing is offering to SMBs
16 Oct 2017

Influencer marketing is the most hip thing out there right now. This new branch of marketing is enabling brands to stay relevant to their audience through a targeted reach. Despite its lack of transparency or data, influencer marketing has been gaining more success amongst small businesses by driving for them plenty of targeted traffic. Arguably enough, many companies have started preferring it over the regular AdWords and Facebook ad campaigns.

Business are constantly trying to find innovative ways to influence the target audience by gaining critical foothold in the market and influencer marketing offers them just the right endorsement they need. This form of marketing is a new way between native and traditional advertising.

Consider this internet’s replacement for word of mouth.

Where influencer marketing has been helping big brands connect with big influencers, it has also been enabling micro-influencers with small to medium sized businesses. Brands are spending millions of dollars on influencer marketing, with an average of 1 million fan following falling anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000.

As the business world went through another massive transformation and organic reach started dying out on brands, influencer marketing gradually gained prominent ground. The advent of social media gave birth to inexpensive marketing methods, enabling companies to reach over the organic boundaries and giving brands the capability of successfully becoming viral sensations. Influencer marketing soon became a popular trend that gave companies a reason to spend their capital on innovative marketing strategies.


The Influencer Marketing Strategies that work for SMBs

Of course big brands, with their reputation and massive budgets, are able to hire celebrities as brand ambassadors to endorse their products. Startup and medium sized companies however did not have the same leverage. But the consistently evolving face of influencer marketing has given small businesses effective ‘influential’ options as well. Today, we know bloggers and Instagramers as influencers.

Basically anyone with a huge fan following and view count is an influencer. These people influence pockets of people from specific niches which makes them the perfect for bringing in organic leads for SMBs. But how can influencer marketing work for your small business? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind when opting for this type:

  1. Keep it out-of-the-box

Influencers might be the people promoting your brand but they have their own reputation and they will always prefer the endorsement of a brand look natural rather than forced. People don’t follow influencers because of the products or services they are promoting but because they are drawn to the influencer’s reputation or personality. So keep an open mind about the strategies they suggest and the ones you come up with.

  1. Scout the competition

Check out what your competition is doing and don’t follow suit every time. Find creative ways to incorporate your brand’s products with your influencer’s promotional strategies. Influencer marketing can help you create deeper and more authentic relationships with the influencer as well as your target market, which is why it is imperative to scout the competition and learn what they are doing right to influence the millennial audience.

  1. Know your business value

In order to effectively promote your brand through influencer marketing, you need to have your business values and ethics clearly defined. Having a voice of your own as a brand and employing core brand values in marketing will enable you to find the right match of influencer. Never opt for randomly picking off influencers just because they are from the same niche. They may not necessarily resonate your values. Do your research.

Power up your influence…

Influencer marketing offers one of the most cost effective way for SMBs to market their brand. With the internet users fast becoming tired of the traditional in-your-face marketing methods, influencer marketing is subtly suggesting brands to users without the regular marketing push. Influencers hold the key to the target market which small businesses are trying so hard to influence and by smartly engaging influencers, they can establish themselves in the rapidly growing and diverse target market.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.