5 Tips for Running a Successful Native Advertising Campaign

5 Tips for Running a Successful Native Advertising Campaign
12 Jul 2018

We live in an age of ad blockers. It’s an era where influencers matter and video is giving marketing campaigns tremendous growth. The advertising landscape has also changed for the better with online ad formats becoming smart and behavioral based. The advent of native advertising gave birth to a new era of digital advertising solutions, which enabled businesses to smartly advertise their products to seamlessly fit into content frames of various platforms.

In some of my previous posts I discussed how native ads are giving brands better visibility to businesses around the world and talked about some successful native ad strategies. Today, however, I will be giving you tips (which you can add to your list) to help you strategically run your first successful native advertising campaign. So, what are the basic elements you need to run a native advertising campaign? What are some of the things which you must identify to run successful native ad campaigns which will boost your marketing strategies? Here’s how you can start…

1. Identify the Right Channels

Just like with marketing, native advertising campaigns require a strong foundation on which you will build your brand. That foundation is a channel (or a few) where your target audience lives and where you will be offering your products and services. Identifying the channels where you want you native ad to appear should naturally be the first step of your native advertising campaign. Depending on your industry, review the various social media channels, industry news websites and other similar platforms where your native ad can be the best fit.

2. Try Different Native Formats

Native advertising campaigns can be run for various formats. If you are wary of ad blockers (as you should be) try out a few different formats on various channels. Your sponsored content can be placed not just in the News feed but also positioned alongside recommended content and articles worth reading. Also, try and target both desktop native as well as mobile if you wish to target all kinds of audience.

3. Include A/B Testing

Your headlines and CTAs might seem great but you will not know how effective they are until you test run them. A/B testing will help you quickly judge how effective the title, description, content, design and CTA of your ad is. Without A/B Testing you will just be running a blind native ads campaign.

4. Invest in Video

While written content is good, it is not as effective in reaching your target audience as video is. Native advertising campaigns that use video attract visitors by engaging and entertaining them. Video native advertising campaigns have a click-through ratio of 8% and brands have reported greater engagement.

5. Tell the Audience a Story

People tend to respond positively to stories, so let your native advertising campaign speak for your products. Tell them the story behind your products and make your audience the center of attention. Your ad is not something the audience will seek out on purpose which is why it is imperative that it adjusts well with not just its environment but also speaks to potential audience in a meaningful way.

Native advertising campaigns can easily complement the other marketing campaigns that you are running for your brand. They have a high click-through ratio which means they are more likely to help you reach new consumers and engage the audience in a way that is just not possible with the other traditional styles of advertising.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.