5 Ways Native Advertising gives your Brand better Visibility

5 Ways Native Advertising gives your Brand better Visibility
28 Jun 2018

Ads can be annoying. They are definitely disruptive. Especially the banner, pop and video ads that make it impossible for you to continue reading the article you were interested in and prevent you from watching the video you were checking out. No wonder millions of people worldwide are using ad blockers and filters.

55% of marketers don’t use native advertising

Because they don’t understand how it works and despite a huge increase in the usage of native advertising, there are still companies, marketers and affiliates out there who fail to recognize the potential of the native advertising format. Those who do, are taking complete advantage of it.

We live in an age of storytelling where interactive content can smartly entice your audience without the fake ‘in-your-face feel’. Understanding and using native advertising to its full potential is a prerequisite if you want to give your brand visibility today and boost sales. Native ads have been designed to adapt to the environment they are in which is why they leads most of us to believe that the content currently showing in our News feed is the result of a friend’s like. Native advertising is a vast realm which offers more potential than all other advertising formats put together possibly can. Today we will discuss the five different formats of native advertising which you can leverage:

Sponsored or In-feed Ads

This is considered as one of the most popular format of native advertising. The in-feed ad format can be seen widely on various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter while its sponsored counterpart frequents on websites like Mashable, Forbes and BuzzFeed etc. Both the in-feed ads and the sponsored ones appear as part of the page they are on. For instance, we all see various user generated and sponsored ads in our Facebook feed but not all of us notice them specifically as ads.

Promoted Listings

Unlike its sponsored ads counterpart, the promoted listings are highly targeted and based on user’s recent behavior on the web. For instance, if you recently searched an ecommerce website for a certain products, you will notice ads of those similar products on some websites. The good thing about promoted listings is that they also blend in with the environment and don’t appear too annoying. Definitely better than pop under and pop up ads.

Recommendation Widgets

On many websites you will also come across contextual suggestions or recommendations below articles or in the sidebar at times. These recommendations will always be related to the article you are currently reading but this content will be from other publishers or brands. Many news and media related websites use the recommendation widgets to serve and distribute the native ads content. The recommendation widgets have quickly risen to fame and are another popular option of the native advertising realm.

Customized Content

Even though native advertising has a few forms, there are still some forms of custom content that are overall too customized to be place in a specific category and hence fall in a group of their own. However, this custom content will have the characteristics of one of the above given native advertising forms.

Viewers pay 53% more attention to native advertising

As compared to banner ads, native advertising definitely attracts more users, enhances brand visibility and gets more clicks. Because native ads are disguised as content for a specific platform, they are often received better than other ads and prove to be extremely profitable. To amplify the message, marketers generally use the storytelling technique to engage the audience and extend the reach of their content. They have access to audience insights which makes it easier for them to consider granular demographics, interests and other behavioral data.

Once you have figured out which kind of native advertising form you are interested in, it is time to figure out the right channel where your ad will look and feel natural for its potential audience. Not all channels are suitable for native advertising and you want to choose a network which seems organic for your business. What to know what strategies are best for native advertising and how you can run successful campaigns? Learn more from our previous posts:

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Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.