5 Successful Native Ads Campaign Strategies you are probably overlooking

5 Successful Native Ads Campaign Strategies you are probably overlooking
22 May 2018

Native ads have the quality of being non-disruptive which is why they can easily expose the readers to content without sticking out in an irritating manner, unlike its display and banner ads counterpart. Where in the past, more brands depended on traditional display banners, today, brands are reporting two to three time more conversion and click ratio of potential consumers with native ads campaigns. Once a potential user engages with a native ad experience, brands and marketers are also able to retarget them more effectively.

Where are native ads generally placed?

Technically anywhere. Because they easily adapt to the environment they are placed in. Native ads can be placed in News feeds as content recommendations, added as recommended articles and even placed as promoted listings. Native ads campaigns are proving to be successful for both big and small businesses around the world. Where display and banner ads are considered annoying by many and pop under or pop up ads face the threat of ad blockers, native ads campaigns take the lead by effectively promoting marketing content by making it look like part of the page they are on. This way, native ads campaigns have a 60% chance of gaining attention.

So what are some effective ways to successfully run a native ads campaign? Here are five native ads campaign strategies you don’t want to overlook:

1. Tell your readers a story

People relate to stories and positively respond to them. So instead of talking about your product, your native ads campaign should focus on a general problem readers face and its possible solutions. Engaging stories do not keep brand as the focus. Instead they focus on the target audience and their issues.

2. Create useful content

With a native ads campaign you pay for the privilege of putting your content in front of a larger chunk of your target audience. When your content is relatable and relevant, be it in the form of a blog post or video, as long as it informs and entertains the audience, they will engage with it without realizing that they are viewing paid content.

3. Video works wonders

We are living in a mobile age where video takes the larger piece of the market cake. Native ads campaigns that effectively use video content will see approximately an 8% higher click-through rate as compared to other native ads campaigns. As long as the video is engaging and informative, you continue to captivate your target audience’s attention and gain more shares.

4. Make it mobile friendly

The design of your native ads campaign will play a massive role in its success. Before placing an ad on a certain platform, make sure the design of the ad matches the platform and grabs the users attention. But making the ad attractive is not enough. Ensure that the ad is mobile friendly as well because 80% of your target audience is using mobile to view your content and if your native ads campaign is not mobile friendly, you will definitely lose out on a major chunk of your target audience.

5. Include a powerful CTA

Short and strong CTAs are the way to success. An actionable verb which encourages your target audience to take the desired action will be a critical component of your native ad. Many times a powerful CTA is enough to entice the target audience to take certain action.

No matter what your product or industry, don’t forget to test and optimize your campaign. This will allow you to detect certain flaws which you might otherwise overlook so you can optimize your native ads campaign accordingly.


Native Ads Campaigns might appear far more complex than other ad formats

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Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.