3 Ways Mobile Performance Marketing gives Brands a Measurable Reach

3 Ways Mobile Performance Marketing gives Brands a Measurable Reach
12 Dec 2017

For years we have seen advertisers cultivate awareness by communicating a brand’s promise through storytelling, nurturing a community of believers with a strong affinity to the brand. Yet when the same advertisers evaluated the success of an ad campaign, they often failed to measure the amount of sentiment it created and only focused on the goals it helped accomplish or the conversions it led to. Conventional advertising has always faced the challenge of tracking and measuring the creation of brand awareness which is contrary to what can be said of performance marketing today.

We live in an age where consumers seamlessly transition between in-store to online and mobile experience. The mobile and omni-channel brand presence has eventually led marketers to a more measurable approach towards advertising, allowing them to drive distinctive actions. This has made the achievement of specific KPI such as customer lifetime value and customer retention more believable.

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Mobile performance marketing drives action.

Brands today use mobile performance marketing for driving obvious actions:

  • Download a brand app
  • Redeem a coupon code
  • Make a purchase or
  • Complete a survey

The good thing about mobile performance marketing is that here the advertisers only pay when a specified action or goal is completed, unlike conventional advertising where they end up paying a lot more. So how exactly is mobile performance marketing benefiting brands today?

  1. Quicker Path to Conversion

Mobile performance marketing campaigns solely targets apps and mobile websites, reaching out to prospective mobile and tablet users. In a mobile environment, consumers are generally much closer to downloading a brand’s app or making a purchase online in comparison to an in-store experience. Mobile performance marketing models offer brands a very cost effective way to increase their customer base.

  1. Great Value for Money

Mobile performance marketing allows better reach and more precision of targeting relevant audience. Because advertisers only pay for specific actions, they are able to hone in a wider set of publishers, putting more pressure on the ad delivery platforms to find quality traffic sources and audience. Many brands now opt for mobile performance marketing as it equates to higher ROI for the brand and enables them to reach a more targeted set of consumers within a low budget.

  1. Maintaining Accountability

Both advertisers and marketers now prefer mobile performance marketing because it saves them from spending additional budget on maintaining campaign accountability. Where traditional advertising refrains from providing measurability of achieved brand awareness and sentiments, mobile performance marketing removes the guesswork by offering measurable signals to show how effective a campaign has been. It offers great value for money by proving efficacy and saving brands from the risk of going over budget.


Track Deeper Campaign Metrics with an Affiliate Marketing Performance Platform

Mobile performance marketing campaigns allow brands to track deeper metrics which assist in optimizing campaigns. From engagements to purchases and consumer retention – a reliable affiliate marketing performance platform enables brands to evaluate their success by providing measurable data. The shift of advertisers towards affiliate marketing performance platforms is mainly due to the wide array of creative options and marketing mediums they provide. Mobile performance marketing is utilizing social media channels, apps, email marketing and mobile websites to target relevant consumers through a plethora of in-app ads, banners, pop-up advertisement and display ads. At affiliate marketing performance platform like Bevo Media, we offer enhanced ad campaign targeting specifically in relevance to mobile where users can customize their ad campaign criteria from a range of capabilities for more goal oriented ad campaigns.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.