How a Mobile Marketing Platform lets you Target for Value

How a Mobile Marketing Platform lets you Target for Value
14 Feb 2018

We live in the age of mobile where an omni-channel brand presence is everything for marketers. With shoppers transitioning from in-store visits to mobile, in-app and online channels, marketers today are seeking more measurable approach for their campaigns. Brands are more focused than ever on specific-revenue generating actions such as a conversion, download, form completion or redeeming a coupon and achieving a certain level of app within a given timeframe – all of which leads the potential customer to purchase.

This is precisely why mobile performance marketing platforms now have become more targeted towards their users growing demands. By providing marketers with a more targeted advertising approach, mobile marketing platforms like Bevo Media is enabling marketers to achieve business critical KPIs with measurable actions. Now marketers don’t have to pay for CPM, as most would, but they can work with their specific mobile marketing platform partner to set up their campaign budget according to specific consumer actions without the risk of paying large amounts for their ad campaigns.

Mobile marketing platforms help remove the guesswork from the performance marketing campaign, making the consumer actions more quantifiable and effective. It offers a quicker path to conversion and allows the message to reach the prospects much faster as compared to the desktop experience. Also because your performance campaign will be running solely on mobile, you should be able to track deeper metrics, on your affiliate marketing platform, like purchases and engagements which can be used to optimize your campaigns.

Reaching a targeted audience has become more precise with performance marketing platforms like Bevo Media. Because advertisers are only paying for specific actions there is more pressure on high quality of ads and their delivery. This creates targeting for value and proven mobile marketing platforms offer a better reach and good quality traffic sources that bring in audiences who are more likely to take action. To help boost your campaigns to reach a more targeted audience, the Bevo Media team is now offering Advanced Targeting features on our affiliate marketing platform which are enabling our affiliates to captivate their specific audience by targeting specific devices, browsers and operating systems.

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Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.