5 Ways your Business can achieve Better Local Search Visibility in Google

5 Ways your Business can achieve Better Local Search Visibility in Google
21 Nov 2017

Today, Google plays an imperative role in a brand’s online presence and that is one of the main reasons we worship it. Businesses around the world compete for visibility in the world’s most used search engine. From search engine optimization to marketing, when it comes to search visibility and web presence, Google My Business Listings top the list.

Used within a broader scope of SEO, Google My Business listings offer potential users and consumers of brands not just a chance to be found but also become visible in searches on Google. Though simple in look, GMB (Google My Business) listings can enable businesses to reach a wider target audience locally.

Here are five tricks that can help improve your business’s search visibility through Google My Business:

  1. List the Correct Category

An accurate business category will enable your business to be listed and appear for searches that match. Instead of opting for overly broad categories, settle for categories that are technically accurate and provide an accurate characterization of your business. A deeper and more accurate category is more likely to give you apt results as opposed to an overly broad category.

  1. Tap into Geocodes

Geocodes can dictate the way your listing appears on Google Maps. Unless you want your business to be marked off route or several blocks away from the actual location, pay very close attention to geocodes. Google takes proximity and location into account when calculating local page ranks and businesses that try to fool it by misrepresenting their location are more likely to find themselves in hot water. Precise geocodes will ensure that your listing is on point so your customers can easily find your store.

  1. Add Relevant Images

Many customers prefer to do their research before visiting a business yet many businesses ignore just that. Your business and product photos can have a profound effect on your local rankings, giving you an increased traffic turnout and a drastic improvement in your visibility.

  1. Cater to Reviews

Bad reviews will scare off your customers so it’s always better to keep a vigilant eye on the reviews that you are receiving in Google My Business. Keep a clean track record and if any customers appear unsatisfied or leave a bad review then make sure you cater to their issues. Google doesn’t mind both positive and negative reviews but poor reviews will leave a bad aftertaste which is not what you want. So, encourage your customers to go online and leave reviews for your brand because it will give more exposure to your business but cater to the unsatisfied customers in a timely manner.

  1. Follow the Rules

When updating your business listing on Google My Business, just adding your address is not enough. You have to ensure that it follows the standardized guidelines because any irregularities can adversely affect your search visibility and local rankings. Your best bet is to use the same address format which has been laid out by the postal service in your country and check the national guidelines to ensure you’re adding it correctly.

Optimize your Local Business Listings

The best part about enlisting your business in Google My Business is that it will give you high search engine results, improve your customer satisfaction, increase your online and offline reputation and enable you to extend your brand online. It’s a low cost option that will connect well with your other organic marketing efforts and by keeping your local business listings optimized, you will be able to give your business a competitive edge.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.