The Lazy Marketer’s Guide to Productivity (and 7 online tools that will work for you)

The Lazy Marketer’s Guide to Productivity (and 7 online tools that will work for you)
18 Aug 2017

Ok, I admit it. I am lazy. Being a mom, marketing manager and a full time communications director can take its toll. So I prefer doing less of more.

Although that doesn’t necessarily means I slack.

Being obsessed with productivity, I prefer adopting tactics and taking an approach that gets more work done in less time. After all, if being a mom has taught me anything, it’s that quality matters more over quantity.

As marketers, so many of us waste our time on things that won’t matter in the long run. We get busy with meetings, conducting research, searching for keywords, looking at trends and working on making things right. Not that doing any of this is wrong but during all this work we forget to do the right thing and instead focus on making things right.

Sounds familiar?

We’re all putting in 80% efforts and getting only 20% results. Even though, according to Charles Ngo (love reading his posts), it should be the other way around.

As a marketer (and a mom) I get a lot of action.

The most important part of my business is finding the right tone and hitting the right notes. My firm belief is that first impressions matter. I still remember the piece of advice my very first boss gave me when he would see me working extra hours. He’d say “Work smarter. Not harder”. Even though it took me a while to understand what exactly he meant by that, the words have stayed with me since.

Of course this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t work hard. It just means to smartly plan your work in a way that your hard work pays off more. So basically you can be a lazy marketer and still work hard enough to succeed.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Trust me, this advice has worked for me when I became a marketer and even more when I became a mom. And one of the first things it taught me was how to delegate part of my work to get more done. But beware of the micromanagement trap which many of us tend to fall into (with our perfectionist egos). When delegating tasks, do not micromanage because this will only consume more time and take you ten steps back. Initially this is what I ended up doing and it drove me insane.

It is unfair to bootstrap yourself or another person will all the work. Businesses are not a one man show. Its team work and delegating tasks to the right people will make your work processes efficient. Besides it will help you save time and money on additional resources.

I have a triple A rule for productivity: Automate, Accelerate, Amplify. Here’s how my AAA theory helps me in getting more things done with less effort:

a. Automate, automate, automate

Automation is one of the lovely benefits of technology that should not be ignored. Especially if you want to get more done in less time and effort. From sending out emails to delivering messages to subscribers, discovering online content and posting on social media – there are dozens of apps and online services available that are free of cost (or cost a small amount) that can get your work done in a jiffy.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you go and automate your DMs on Twitter or Facebook because nothing beats a personalized touch. But many of the bigger tasks can be accomplished through automation. Try using services like Buffer for automating your social media posts, or MailChimp for automating emails.

b. Accelerate it up a Notch or Two

Speeding things up does not necessarily mean complicating them. I prefer simplifying things to accelerate processes. For instance, sometimes I would use templates for press releases or Newsletters and certain types of emails. If you use Drip then LeadPages offers some pretty cool templates for an array of emails and newsletters which come in quite handy in speeding up your marketing processes.

c. Amplify for a much Bigger Impact

Wouldn’t you love it if your blog posts created a bigger impact? Of course you would. Writing guest posts or syndicating your blog with other blogs will enable you to reach a wider set of audience. Also try perking up your copy writing techniques. Carefully analyze the kind of blog posts that captivate a bigger audience and see what’s different. Are they using better titles? Was the post lingo catchy and fun? Was it short and simple or long and informative?

What works for one kind of targeted audience might not always work for the other so analyze and understand your target market. Dig a little deeper with services like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights which will help you drill down the content and gain an understanding of the audience you are attracting.


7 Productivity Tools for the Lazy Marketer who want more work done

There are dozens of apps, software and online tools available that can help increase your productivity and lessen your workload. A couple of months back, we published a post regarding top 10 free affiliate marketing tools. You might want to check that out if you are short on budget and need some quality free services.

In short, these online tools can help you work smarter. Here are seven of my favorite ones:

1. Buffer

I love using Buffer to schedule my posts on multiple social media channels. Sometimes I schedule them of the whole week ahead of time, specifically when I know I will have too much on my hands for the next few days. It’s a pretty cool tool for sending out blasts from your social media accounts and helps save time.

2. GrowthBot

Also known as the Slack assistant, GrowthBot can fetch marketing and sales data using automated queries. You can use it to search for the top keywords which your competitors are using, find the top Twitter users in your area and more. This online tool connects to services like Google, HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot CRM to provide answers to your queries.

3. Hootsuite

Much like Buffer, this is one of the most widely used platform by marketers for managing social media. Hootsuite is used and trusted by millions of people and hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. This online platform allows you to send messages from your dashboard directly to any social channel.

4. Bevo Ad Tracker

It’s crazy to run an affiliate marketing campaign without tracking it. Bevo Tracker is a cool affiliate campaign tracking tool that allows you to track every single aspect of your campaigns so you can test, test and retest till you get them right. With its help you can run the extensive tracking required for your CPA campaigns that no other tracker would offer you for a fraction of the cost.

5. Content Tracker

Content Tracker by Priceonomics is a platform that helps you measure your content marketing performance. You can gain insight regarding new published content, viral content, inbound links to your content and big hits your content made on social media. It updates you in real time and is currently one of the most effective channels for online marketers.

6. Google Drive

I will swear by this one. Can’t even begin to think how I would collaborate with my team without Google Drive. You can easily keep and share vast amount of data on Google Drive (up to 15MB for free). Best part is that you can give selective access that’s restricted to view only, view and edit only and more on various kinds of files and documents. It’s great a great platform for keeping your files secure and allows access from anywhere in the world.

7. Canva

Used by millions of people worldwide, Canva is a great tool for marketers. You can create amazing social media images on the go with its countless templates, designs, graphics, effects and various engaging additions that make your images captivating for social media posts.

Making the Laziness count…

Lazy marketers are not slackers (much to some people’s disbelief). They just know where to put the effort and how to add value which normally many won’t understand. Personally I find many lazy people to be efficient and smart, succeeding in their professions because they have found the recipe to success- – they put in efforts where it counts the most and have a no-nonsense approach because they want to achieve so much in so little time. Ask the successful marketers and they will tell you how they don’t lose their night’s sleep over a few tasks because they know how to get them done in time.

So tell me, how lazy are you? 😉


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.