How Interactive Content is shaping Performance Marketing

How Interactive Content is shaping Performance Marketing
23 Oct 2017

We live in a world where publishers no longer have to invest in printing presses, distribution teams or the traditional broadcast mediums of television and radio. It’s a world where content creators still reign over the large digital marketing arena. Today’s online world is smaller in size, connecting everyone everywhere, but has expanded in terms of its outreach.

Interactive content is shaping the future of brands, influencing consumers through an omnichannel experience and positioning brands to compel consumers into buying. Businesses are thriving on rich content that is easily digestible and results in stronger consumer connection. The contemporary approach of marketing uses content to cater to specific audiences and target more specific demographics.

The much popular influencer marketing which offers businesses a much needed boost clearly reflects the dramatic shift in consumer behavior, leading marketers to focus more on content creators who reside more on the social media channels. This contemporary influencer marketing is equivalent to the traditional word of mouth approach, which uses influential people or celebrities with a greater fan following to build up on the performance marketing ecosystem.


Interactive Content Drives Performance

Influencer marketing is now part of the larger equation of performance marketing which uses interactive content to trigger consumers. Performance marketing was born out of smart marketing and branched out into mainstream marketing, encompassing several marketing models. It’s a hybrid model where brands influence consumers with interactive content and capture real-time data to trigger payments to the influencer based on their performance. Marketers continue to find ways to uphold consumer interest by placing content in a fundamentally personal context. Interactive content offers brands an increased potential to attract attention and drive engagement through a number of ways other than influencer marketing.

Interactivity is paying off businesses more than traditional advertising. Because today consumers are more interested in personalized offerings, most of them do not mind sharing deeper personal insights regarding their interests, needs and preferences. Businesses have much to gain from these consumer insights and are smartly using passive content techniques to leverage from this data.


79% marketers say that content interactive content drove more traffic, participation and performance for their website

By helping consumers become part of the larger brand experience with interactive content, businesses are deepening engagement, driving greater satisfaction and making a big splash with performance marketing. The range of interactive content is far reaching. Influencer marketing is just one part of performance marketing that is capturing the audience. There are also polls and surveys, quizzes, interactive e-books, infographics, diagnostic tests, assessments, interactive timelines, data visualizations and virtual and augmented reality overlays – all are part of the interactive content base which is offering performance marketing the much needed break through by contributing to the marketing goals associated with brands.

The key insights which businesses are able to gain via interactive content is helping them in understanding their consumers better and connect with them on a personal level. The idea behind performance marketing is to draw in quality leads and to nurture them so as to further entice them into a more meaningful connection. Once consumer interest spikes with interactive content, brands are able to drive leads, make sales and retain customer loyalty through an extended support and engagement process. The idea is to provide a fun and positive experience which is both informative and entertaining in order to grasp the consumer’s attention.


Interactive content offers a powerful and versatile way to enhance content impact

More and more businesses today are able to take informed decisions which reflect their brand’s value proposition, helping them to offer their consumers a truly rich experience by using this evolved approach. But of course this is not a voyage every business can set sail to. Interactive content requires money, time and effort. None of which comes cheap, although I personally believe, that there is still something for everyone. With all the free tools and software available online, all kinds of businesses with all kinds of budget can leverage interactive content for their performance marketing campaigns. But before you decide to jump on this bandwagon, do make sure that your ideas fall in place with your long term performance marketing strategies and sync with your brand’s marketing mix.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.