5 Ways Interactive Content can shape your Performance Marketing Campaign

5 Ways Interactive Content can shape your Performance Marketing Campaign
27 Sep 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, there is no way you could’ve missed out on the steamy relationship between interactive content and performance marketing.

Ok so maybe I am being just a bit over dramatic here but really – interactive content will be, by far, the most important element of your performance marketing campaign. Those of you who have been in the affiliate industry for a while will understand what I am saying.

As for those of you, who are just learning about running effective performance marketing campaigns, I will give you one piece of advice which will take you very far in the affiliate market as well as the digital advertising race – INTERACTIVE CONTENT.

There was a time, not too long ago, when the term digital advertising was understood to imply advertising through Google AdWords only. This was the time when businesses would invest their money in certain keywords to gain an ad position in Google search in order to target their audience. But with time this has largely changed as Google is no longer a power player in the digital advertising realm. Now those looking to target their audience turn to social media networks like Facebook and Instagram or towards performance marketing.

Companies and businesses now pour budgets into performance marketing ad campaigns to gain the most out of a variety of advertising formats.


How Interactive Content is shaping the World of Advertising

As humans we thrive on interaction. Be it the real human face-to-face interaction or (as most of us prefer these days) an online interactive interaction. This is precisely why things like fun quizzes, contests, polls and surveys, infographics, image galleries, webinars, podcasts and videos tend to serve much better as opposed to regular passive content.

Interactive content serves one and one purpose only: ACTION.

It will entertain, engage and then make you take action.

When your audience finds joy and gain knowledge from something they view, it elevates their experience and moves them to take action. Take the example of an infographic for instance. By incorporating engaging elements in it, it becomes visually appealing and provides knowledge to the viewer. The visitor is more likely to pay attention to the information given on an infographic as compared to the article underneath it.


Impacts of Interactive Content on Performance Marketing

There is a vast ocean of content out there which naturally poses a challenge for the marketers specifically in terms of discovering what triggers the audience. But how do you make interactive content work for your performance marketing campaigns? Here are 6 ways which work:

1. Your voice gets heard

Apparently 81% marketers think that interactive content draws attention.

Getting heard is the first step towards audience engagement. Once you have your audience’s attention, you will be able to develop their affinity and trust with your brand. The main difference between regular content and interactive content is that where the former brings in fatigue, the latter is known to provide both fun and knowledge. Something that is evident when you give someone a choice between reading an eBook and taking an online self-assessment quiz. Most will opt for the second option because it allows interaction.

2. Improve social interaction

77% marketers agree that interactive content results in multiple exposure and repeat visitors.

Interactive content holds the promise of going viral. It has more social share and consumption ratio. There are dozens of interactive elements which can be used to make a viewer crave meaningful dialogue. It offers a form of visual storytelling which involves enriched media and participatory narrative apart from content. Interactive content can create brand awareness and engage prospective clients at various levels.

3. Better audience understanding

93% marketers agree that interactive content is more effective in educating consumers.

Interactive content has the ability to provide information with entertainment. It can deepen the audience’s understanding of your marketing content as you gather their behavioral insights through analytics tools. The data that you leverage will enable you to create more effective and interactive content. The audience is looking for answers to their questions, solutions to their problems and information for better decision making. Interactive content can provide them the answers, solutions and knowledge they require in a fun way.

4. Connect with contemporary users

68% of marketers agree that interactive content allows them to repurpose the passive content of their brand.

The traditional approach to marketing does not hold the same ground it did a decade ago. Performance marketers have boarded the interactive content bandwagon and leveraging its speed and timeliness. Brands no longer have the same audience. Most businesses have millennials and the younger generation as consumers and interactive content enables them to reach out effectively. Millennials don’t connect to brands in the same way the older generation did. Interactive content provides them the information they are researching for and recognize the brand which will help them in their decision making. This accelerates them through the sales funnel at a much faster speed.

5. Nurture leads and conversions

Interactive content drives 2x the conversions which passive content brings.

It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that performance marketers crave for leads. Interactive content like a free eBook, demos, live product walk-through, testimonial galleries or even quizzes after a conversion can further support the consumer’s informed decision making. Brands can learn invaluable information about their user base which can be instrumental in the lead-nurturing process. Even the lower sales funnel can gain much from interactive content as it brings consumers closer to the purchasing process and enables them to gain confidence in the brand.


Consider this…

Calculators, polls, games, multi touch photos, 360 degree videos, live chats, assessments, virtual reality overlays, heat maps and interactive infographics are just a few faces of interactive content. The list can go on and on.

Despite the fact that interactive content offers a wide range of benefits, the fact remains that it can be a bit more expensive and might even go over your estimated performance marketing budget. But all is not lost, there are several online website and tools that allow performance marketers to leverage quite a few forms of interactive content including polls, quizzes and heat maps. Before you jump on the interactive content bandwagon, however, know this that even though this type of content will give your audience a fun time there is no guarantee that all your efforts will sustain the consumer interest and they will convert. Only an overall brilliant marketing mix and consumer journey will create this intended effect.

Have you used interactive content for your performance marketing campaign? We’d love to know.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.