What Google’s Core Algorithm Update means for Marketers

What Google’s Core Algorithm Update means for Marketers
20 Apr 2018

While Google is known to make frequent changes to its algorithm, the last core update of Google created quite a bit of stir when it impacted websites rankings across the digital realm. The search engine giant is known to have a major say in how search engine optimization works which means that each of its updates have a big effect on the marketing efforts put in by marketers.

The last Google core update was broad and since the company refused to state its reasons for rolling out this major update, it left webmasters, marketers and SEOs quite nervous and worried about website traffic. However, Google later did state that the update was designed to benefit pages “which were previously under-rewarded”.

On a Google Webmaster Hangout session held earlier this month, Google’s John Muller confirmed that the core update in March was focused more on content relevance instead of quality. So if websites did lose rankings and there was a major dent in the traffic of your website, it does not necessarily mean that the content quality is low, but it has more to do with how relevant the content was.

So what did Google’s core algorithm update mean for marketers? For starters, the core algorithm impacted a large number of websites as webmasters across the world stated rise and fall or keyword rankings and traffic. Long term impact of this core update will be visible in the coming months however, building quality content will impact the overall website relevance and improve rankings.

Another Google update was reported a few days back on webmaster forums but again, this is a regular update and nothing to worry about. The main component marketers need to focus on is creating relevant content, linking it properly and then sharing it enough on social media.

Was your website hit by Google’s core algorithm update? What did you do to bring back the rankings?


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.