Google introduces New Tools in an Attempt to Win over Publishers

Google introduces New Tools in an Attempt to Win over Publishers
23 Aug 2017

In order to keep its online advertising marketers and consumers happy, Google is making some interesting changes much along the lines of Facebook. According to a report published in Bloomberg, Google is testing 3 new tools for publishers. The said tools are being developed to help increase subscriptions for publishers. This exploration of Google around publishing tools includes the revamp of a feature called ‘first click free’ for its search response pages, development of online payments tool and another that offers potential subscriber targeting options.

Even though currently Google is testing these new tools with publishers like The New York Times and Financial Times, it is in talks with several media companies that have shown keen interest in the paid subscription model. Many consider this shift necessary as Google’s vice president for news, Richard Gingras states that publishers cannot live on advertising alone.

Both Google and Facebook appear to be in a race of winning over publishers with better tools and products that cater to their publishing needs. Only last month Facebook opened up Groups for Pages and announced that they are working on subscription tools for Instant Articles. Facebook alone garnered around $4 billion in ad revenue from advertising last year. As competition goes, Google on the other hand released a new version of its AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which enables websites to load faster inside of search and announced introduced personalized newsfeed for Android and iOS users. The consolidated ad spending of Google and Facebook this year is expected to garner over 60% of the market revenue.

And so the battle to win Publishers continues…

Google newest tools are expected to enable publishers in identifying subscribers, determine payment methods and speed up the entire process with ad targeting. And with Facebook’s walled social network, Google has an upper hand in attracting more publishers and media companies as the biggest driver of web traffic. Of course it’s not all expected to be a smooth sail as already many publishers are expecting bumps along the road. But the new tools are still in a testing phase and expected to be released sometime next month.

Publishers have much to look forward to as both search and social media giants battle to win them over. The development of new tools is being welcomed with open arms by publishers who are awaiting similar positive news from both the platforms.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.