7 Tips for Boosting your Affiliate Marketing Performance this Year (which no one will tell you about)

7 Tips for Boosting your Affiliate Marketing Performance this Year (which no one will tell you about)
14 Nov 2017

The fourth quarter of this year is in full swing as affiliate marketers are already putting plans to work and maximizing their holiday performance with smart strategies. With Black Friday and Thanksgiving just a couple of days down the line, advertisers and publishers are already on a roll with Holiday campaigns. Today I will give you a lowdown on some of the most popular affiliate marketing trends which we think have the potential of making it to the next year and tips on how to boost your holiday performance.

  1. Avoid One-size-fits-all

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy and if someone tells you that then they are just leading you down the wrong road. Even a specific niche will have an array of consumers whose needs and requirements of that product might be largely different and in order for you to cater to them all, you need to either create several strategies or just focus on larger categories and think about reaching your audience through a multitude of channels. Advertisers specifically need to be aware of this and opt for publishers who can focus on specific niche categories.

  1. Communicate your Goals

Once advertisers have identified the specials, promotions and sales for their brands, it is imperative for them to communicate these to their advertisers before the fourth quarter (if possible) or early in the fourth quarter. Affiliate marketing allows publishers to use diverse methods for promoting products and brands which means that each of your affiliate marketers will have their own set of distribution methods. These can include email marketing, newsletters, paid placements, banners and more to offer that extra exposure. Communicating a marketing calendar to your publishers will enable them to strategize affiliate marketing campaigns early on so that promotions can start at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

  1. Balanced Publisher Portfolio

Advertisers shouldn’t shy away from experimenting with promotions and indulging new publishers. Similarly publishers shouldn’t shy away from working on new affiliate marketing methods and experimenting with new mediums of advertising to build up their publisher’s portfolio.

  1. Paid Placements Matter

When I say paid placements, it doesn’t mean just paid ads. They do have their own charm but strategic paid placements like the kind influencer marketing can offer will enable you to promote your products to the right audience at the right time. Influencer marketing is all the rage so why not leverage this medium and establish authenticity of brand with paid placements. When selecting an influencer, don’t just opt for those with a huge fan following, rather go with those who are from the same niche as your products so the placements are more impactful.

  1. Be Proactive with Campaigns

The fourth quarter of the year is always the biggest shopping event, giving retailers and brands plenty of chance to boost their performance. This is why both, advertisers and publishers need to keep an open line of communication. Advertisers need to proactively inform publishers of the various offers and promotions they are interested in while publishers need to run their strategies by advertisers to ensure they are on the same page. From emails to newsletters, social media, video and blog promotions – there is a lot that can be done to reach out to potential consumers in order to captivate them. So being proactive is the key.

  1. Extend your Promotions

When planning for the holiday season, don’t just focus on one event like Black Friday or Thanksgiving. Extend some of your affiliate marketing promotions to beyond the actual event for consumers who were unable to avail discounts and sale offers. Because most brands have finished sales after the event day, meaning you will be able to tap into a relevant number of customers and even gain a good customer base. So go ahead and use this affiliate marketing tactic to drive shoppers in-store.

  1. Offer a Little Extra this Season

Discounts and sales are something almost all brands offer but how about offering your customers a little extra like free shipping? Customers will love to get their stuff delivered free of cost and this will even enable you to convert many new users into customers. Or if you must really ask for shipping then offer a discount on shipping for the season, enticing the potential consumers to purchase.



You need to start planning early and stay organized in order to create an impactful strategy which will boost your affiliate marketing performance. Planning early will give you the advantage of communicating the plan to your publishers as well and run ideas by them. It will also give you ample of time to test out your strategies and optimize them according to need. Not just that but when you are organized and plan ahead of time, you will have time to think about and create strategies for key upcoming holidays. Take Black Friday for instance. Marketing for this event starts as early as October as smart publishers believe in building a hype around upcoming offers and regularly utilize newsletters and emails to remind consumers of the potential discounts.

Last minute planning, on the other hand, will usually not give you time to think about all of this or get you very far.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.