Ad Exchange 101: Blacklist or Whitelist IP Addresses for your Ad Campaign

Ad Exchange 101: Blacklist or Whitelist IP Addresses for your Ad Campaign
25 Jun 2018

In an online world full of spam and fraud, reaching out to your target audience can be difficult feat to accomplish. The digital advertising ecosystem is built on trust and fraud has the capability to quickly erode that trust. Which is why when marketers run ad campaigns they want to make sure that their ads will be visible in all the right places to attract all the right audience. To help you strengthen this very trust with your ad campaign reach and scope, Bevo Media offers you enhanced programmatic features that can directly impact your ad campaign deliverability ratio: whitelists and blacklists.


What does it mean to Blacklist or Whitelist IP Addresses?

A blacklist is a list of IP addresses and domains that are suspected of fraud or specifically known to send out spam. If an IP is blacklisted, your ad will not be served to that specific address as it will be delisted from the list of potential audience. Similarly, whitelisting specific IP addresses will ensure that your ad is served to those addresses and they are not exempted.

On Bevo Media Ad Exchange, we have made whitelisting and blacklisting IP address easy and simple so you can remain safe from unwanted clicks and spam. To avail this feature and more of our advanced targeting features, log into your Ad Exchange dashboard.

Whitelist or Blacklist Unwanted IP Addresses with Bevo Media Ad Exchange

At Bevo Media, we understand that unwanted IP addresses can jeopardize your ad campaigns and unwanted clicks end up costing you unnecessarily more. In order to support your digital marketing efforts with greater integrity and more transparency, we have launched advanced targeting features which include Whitelisting and Blacklisting IP addresses so you can filter out fraud IPs suspected of sending out spam. No matter which kind of ad campaign you intend on running on the Bevo Media Ad Exchange, be it Pop or Native or any other, now you can easily prevent your ads from receiving impressions from undesirable IP addresses.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.