7 Top Black Friday Marketing Ideas you just can’t go wrong with

7 Top Black Friday Marketing Ideas you just can’t go wrong with
03 Nov 2017

Black Friday is drawing closer which means that both, advertisers and publishers, need to start taking the next few shopping weekends very seriously and begin working on their Black Friday marketing campaigns (if they haven’t already). The last week or two of November are known to be a heavily discounted season. For retailer though, this time poses as a challenge – whether to jump the killer discount bandwagon and run the risk of damaging loyal customer relationships or to withdraw completely and miss out on the army of shoppers tempted by crazy deals?

We suggest the grey area where you allow curious shoppers to discover you and increase your ROI with impressive click-to-sale conversions.

Whether you are a retailer or an affiliate, the fact of the matter is that you will find far more shoppers looking for hot deals during the last quarter than you will see at any other time of the year. Bigger discounts and top enticing offers are the leading factors which make Black Friday one of the most enticing times of the year. Like retailers, affiliates also have a high chance of doubling up their traffic, increasing it tenfold for their advertisers, if they choose to engage their audience with the right offers and deals. And with mobile as part of the shopping mix, influencing purchases now, both advertisers and publishers have much to gain.

Take your Black Friday Marketing Campaigns up a notch with these ideas

This window opens up every year, providing obvious opportunities to tap into audiences who may appear casual but have more potential of converting into paying customers. Every year there is a 20% (on average) or more increase in online sales over the Black Friday weekend as compared to any other holiday in the US or UK alone. So with the peak week almost upon us again, here are a few tips from our team at Bevo Media to help retailers and affiliates boost their Black Friday marketing campaigns:

  1. Go for the Omni-channel approach

Over the past few years, Black Friday has increasingly become a digital shopping event, with consumers preferring to shop online alongside the in-store shopping experience. This year almost 36% shoppers in the US plan to conduct Black Friday purchases online out of which 35% will be using desktop while 44% will be using mobile as their main shopping medium. The excitement for the online purchases is pre built online, majorly through various social media platforms which brands are using to entice potential customers. By creating a strong appeal for Black Friday bargain hunters, affiliate marketers can capture potential customers who will be out looking for the best products being offered in the best deals.

  1. Offer a wider category selection

By the beginning of November consumers have already done their research and prepared their lists. Using consumer behavior data retailers can create personalized promotions and events which offer a higher chance of securing sales. Online shoppers tend to shop across more product categories as opposed to those who make in-store purchases, jumping from electronics to clothing, movies, books, beauty products. By connecting in-store and online shopping experiences through mobile, brands can attract more traffic.

  1. Add mobile to the Black Friday marketing mix

Mobile devices have led to a surge of the consumer’s appetite for Black Friday marketing sales leading more shoppers to plan for shopping in more categories. Brands that have added mobile to their omni-channel approach are creating better shopping experiences and therefore winning more customers.

  1. Opt for flash discounts and hourly offers

Retailers should create discount offer banners to place on their websites and provide the same to their affiliates in various sizes so they can better promote products on their website and social media platforms. High traffic stores can also work wonders with hourly offers or flash sales which will surprise the customers and keep them coming back for more. Of courses these hourly deals require more coordination between your design, marketing and customer support teams but when done right and marketed properly, they can work wonders for your brand.

  1. Create content with event relevance

Never underestimate the relevance of content, even for holidays. Especially for holidays like this one when people are actually searching for recommendations and doing their research, looking for the right gifts for their loved ones. Publishers can easily market products of their advertisers with content lists like ‘Best Christmas Gifts for Her’, ‘Top Gift Ideas for Parents’, ‘Best Gifts for Couples’ etc. Create interactive content or opt for gift guides by either creating a blog post or run an image collection in the form of a slideshow and then SEO it effectively to encourage a better click-through.

  1. Don’t forget to email your customers

Leverage on your current email list and send all your contacts and subscribers special discount offers and best buy deals via email. Customers who have made a purchase once and are already on your email list are more likely to buy from you again. Meanwhile send out VIP offers to loyal customers as they are more likely to buy from you. Run promotional offers and keep your customers in the know regarding possible hourly sales by sending them a sneak peek of the products to get them excited about it in advance.

  1. Plan out for crunch time campaigns

Ideas for the fourth quarter of the year should be discussed and preplanned way ahead of time if you want to really go all in and captivate the right audience. Create a content calendar for all the banners, emails, promos, social media posts and articles you will be doing over the next month or more to promote the Black Friday sales so there is no last minute crazy hours. Planning ahead of crunch time will enable you to polish the ideas further if required instead of losing your mind over missing the essentials in the last few days.

Black Friday is often taken as synonym for discount offers but it doesn’t mean that every product you offer necessarily has to be discounted. There are plenty of alternatives which the consumers are looking for that you can offer like free delivery incentive, discounts on limited products and controlled discount voucher giveaways. Affiliate marketers who get started early and use smart approaches are generally able to captivate the best audience at the right time. If you are just starting out on creating Black Friday marketing strategies or have started to run marketing campaigns for the Black Friday weekend just now, don’t forget to tap into the above given advice. Implementing tactics that best suit your niche and business will ensure that you and your customers get rewarded on the biggest retail weekend of the year.

Did we miss out on a Black Friday marketing tip for peak weekend? Leave a comment below and we’ll add up the best advice on our list with your name.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.