How Performance Marketers are Pushing Black Friday Sales with Email

How Performance Marketers are Pushing Black Friday Sales with Email
08 Nov 2017

Black Friday is expected to be a big whooper this year, with sales expected to rise exceptionally above last year’s.

Performance marketers generally plan for this one for months ahead and even the procrastinators are up and about by this time in November, cooking up marketing plans, creating promotional campaigns and actively optimizing their game plan.

This year consumer expectations are rising high as approximately over a quarter of US and almost one-third of UK consumers are projected to make purchases via mobile. Ever since mobile became an integral part of the marketing mix, shoppers are spending more and more time on their mobile devices, researching, following and ultimately making purchases. The fourth quarter of the year is always considered the best time for shopping and making maximum sales as almost every retailer and brand has enticing offers for consumers. In the last few years we all have seen the period around Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend become one of the largest digital shopping events and the jump to mobile is being viewed as a positive leap towards consumer shopping activities.

Even though performance marketers are at it already, with Black Friday being just around the corner, we thought we’d run a few great email marketing ideas by those of you who are still new to this field and still trying to attract the right audience.

5 Email Marketing Tips for Black Friday you wouldn’t want to overlook

Every year we see the number of shoppers add up through the Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. Whether you are a performance marketer or a retailer, if you want the ROI and conversions to go up, you’ve got to come up with the best email marketing ideas. Here are five proven ways that will help:

  1. Increase your email subscribers

Last year we discussed ways that will enable you to maximize your Black Friday sales and tap into the shifting trends of seasonal marketing so this year we are giving you a couple of tips to leverage email marketing.

Customers who have already bought from you are more likely to shop again but you cannot ignore potential audience. To improve your subscribers list, make improvements to your website or blog by highlighting deals and offers in the form of banners and editing the sign up forms to emphasize holiday discounts. Give new consumers something to look forward to like maybe a 30% or 50% off on Black Friday sales for subscribing to your newsletter or signing up with you. Banners on the top of your home page are one way to go about it but another more foolproof way is to superimpose a signup box to show off special promotions. Some brands also create a new landing page specifically for seasonal offers and promotions to direct consumers to the products they are searching for which is a great way to promote special deals.

  1. Send out offers BEFORE Black Friday

If you want consumers to notice your offers and remember your promotions than you need to start sending out promotional email way ahead of the event. Instead of waiting for the last few days (in case you think that makes an impact and will keep your brand in the customer’s mind), start marketing well before time. Even though most customers might make the purchase on the Black Friday weekend or a few days after, but they will also have their inboxes flooded with promotional emails from dozens of other brands during that time.

If you want to avoid your email from getting lost in the rush then sending out promotional emails in the beginning of November is the best time as consumers are already researching and looking out for the best offers. This way your email is less likely to get lost in the Thanksgiving rush and more likely to stay in the consumer’s mind. Beyond that, it’s just a hit and miss.

  1. Test out your subject lines

Yes, we have said this before quite a few times because this doesn’t lose its importance. There are several things that can motivate your consumers. These can be seasonal or even political and you want to stay in touch with trends if you want your email subject lines to make any impact on the consumers.

It’s not easy to get your email open ratio up but it’s not impossible either. For seasonal offers consumers are most likely to respond to numbers and so offers like ‘20% OFF’, ‘50% Discount’ and ‘SALE’ have a better chance of getting clicked on. But A/B testing is imperative. You can test out a few subject lines or various versions of the same. Personally I like creating around 3 versions of the same subject line and running with those but sample testing will always give you better results.

  1. Don’t forget to resend your emails

It’s not enough to just create a couple of subject versions for your emails and then running them once. I prefer to always reschedule emails with a different version of the same subject a couple of days from when the initial email was sent out, specifically to subscribers who did not open the emails the first time.

Creating a sense of urgency in your seasonal and Black Friday campaigns also works wonders. For instance you can add an expiry to the discount you are offering or add a time limit to the deals and then schedule the email to go out two or three times with different subject line versions. Emphasizing on the urgency of your offer in the email subject line will impose its scarcity, leading consumers to follow up on the deals offered.

  1. Extend offers past the Black Friday weekend

A marketing extension of your offers works if you want to maintain the exclusivity of any promotion. Extend it for 48 hours or a couple of days after Black Friday and send out an email to your customers with an eye catching and straightforward subject line that states it’s an extended offer.

This way you will be able to attract the last minute customers and the lazy consumers who missed out on your sale offers and who will willing take up the special deals. Another good thing about extending your promotions is that your emails are more likely to get noticed just like they would if you send them early on when rest of the brands are not yet bombarding consumers with Black Friday offers. Inboxes tend to go quite after Cyber Monday and your extended sales offer will be hard to miss.


Don’t Forget Your Loyal Customers

Of course loyal customers are people you would want to offer special incentives to and even though you are already offering promotions and great deals, they should always be offered a little extra. Something your regular customers can’t get. This can include early bird discounts, free gifts, free shipping or maybe a combination of those. Leverage your email list and send out special offers to your loyal customers, offering them deals that create lifetime value and are not just for short term goals.

If you don’t have an email subscribers list and do not have an email marketing campaign up and running then the time to start panicking starts just about NOW! 🙂

Do you have an email strategy you’d like to share with us? Drop a comment below to let us know.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.