[NOW LIVE] The New & Improved Bevo Media Ads Exchange

[NOW LIVE] The New & Improved Bevo Media Ads Exchange
05 May 2018

The Bevo Media team is proud to announce the launch of a new Bevo Media Ads Exchange platform.

We have been successfully serving thousands of advertisers and publishers the world over with the first real-time bidding exchange. To give performance marketers an added advantage, we have now upgraded our ads exchange platform with new and enhanced features.

With the New Bevo Media Ads Exchange, you will gain access to all these amazing features:

  1.    Native Ad Campaigns creation – run Native ad campaigns in addition to Pop Campaigns
  2.    Unsaturated Worldwide Inventory – with minimum floor bid CPV of $0.003 vs. $0.015 earlier
  3.    Advanced Targeting Capabilities including:
    •    Country, State, County, Zip Code
    •    Device, Operating System
    •    Browser
    •    Connection Type (Wifi / Cellular)
    •    Carrier
    •    Keywords (RON, Positive and Negative keywords)
    •    Domain Lists (Blacklists and Whitelists)
    •    IP lists (Blacklists and Whitelists)
    •    Conversion tracking with Google Analytics
    •    Dozens of new macros to help you fine tune
  4.    Superior Real-time Reporting – view reports by Date, Campaign, and Country with outbound API
  5.    Lowered Minimum Deposit – as low as $50 with credit card or Paypal
  6.    Machine Learning Back-end – a constantly learning back end that filters only high-quality traffic

Getting started is easy!

Just deposit $1K or higher, between today till the (end of day) 11th May 2018, to earn a bonus of 10% back into your account!

Click on the link below to sign up and get started right away!


Or reach out to your Account Manager at accountmanager@bevomedia.com for questions and queries.


Atif Kazmi