Track more Non-Listed Traffic Sources with Bevo Ad Tracking Platform

Track more Non-Listed Traffic Sources with Bevo Ad Tracking Platform
01 Feb 2018

There is no other way to determine the amount or kind of traffic your business is getting you if you don’t track your ad campaigns. Of course there are free methods available online and most of us opt for Google Analytics to track website traffic but these options normally don’t cut it when it comes to tracking Facebook or other non-listed traffic sources.

The more accurately you track traffic sources, the better understanding you will have of the kind of traffic you get. This will enable you to tell the difference between good and bad traffic, helping you focus on the good traffic and their behavior. One of the major reasons most affiliate marketers like using a reliable ad tracking platform is to track traffic sources in order to discover loopholes and issues, so they can effectively market their products or services. Understanding your traffic will lead to an increase in conversion and gaining better ROI by running more effective ads to get the real value of your campaigns.


How tracking Facebook and non-listed traffic sources with Bevo Ad Tracking Platform will benefit your ad campaigns?

Targeting and retargeting valuable audiences helps build a custom audience and advertise more effectively. Often times, publishers and marketers need to adjust their tracking methods which is why the Bevo Media ad tracking platform offers easy tracking of Facebook and non-listed traffic sources in three different ways:

SubID Tracking

One of the most popularly used method of tracking, using a SubID allows you to pass tracking information through a unique number or tag, given at the end of your affiliate link, that is appended to the subIDs of an offer. This tag will also be included in your affiliate commission reports. In fact, currently SubID tracking is the the only way to use various third party tracking software to manage affiliate promotions. The Bevo ad tracking platform allows you to add a ‘sub ID’ to your tracking link which helps you create customized links to be used for different traffic sources. For instance, if you wish to track conversions from your Facebook ad campaigns, you can add a sub ID such as ‘facebook’ at the end of the link and then use it to promote your Facebook page.

Pixel Tracking

Another popular tracking method of media buy tracking, now most commonly related to Facebook advertisement, is Pixel tracking. This method uses a pixel tag which is loaded when a user takes a certain action. It tracks certain user activities like an event on a web page, a website visit, ad impression or email opening. Using this method of tracking enables a user to place a 1×1 pixel on the conversion page of an offer which fires a conversion to the Bevo interface. As a result, it makes the user capable of seeing the conversion detail. This method requires users to have the capability of placing a pixel on the conversion page of an offer.

Postback Tracking

Despite this method offering highly accurate tracking and fraud prevention due to its cookie-less method, it is not a popular tracking method any more because most affiliate networks do not offer postback capabilities which are required in order for this to work. Postback tracking is harder to implement because it requires direct communication between the advertiser and the network to ensure technical accuracies of the stored and pass back value. The Bevo Media ad tracking platform offers the postback tracking method in which the affiliate network pings Bevo every time a conversion takes place.

Then again, where pixel tracking often fails to work on mobile devices, postback tracking works well on mobile devices and Smartphones. Each method of ad tracking has its own set of pros and cons, which is why at Bevo Media ad tracking platform we offer our users 3 different methods to allow them to adjust their ad campaigns. We aim at catering to all kinds of affiliate publishers and our methods enable them to re-adjust their campaigns according to their targeted traffic and business goals so they can successfully increase their conversions.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.