7 Trending Affiliate Marketing Verticals of 2018

7 Trending Affiliate Marketing Verticals of 2018
21 Mar 2018

We’ve already spent the first quarter of 2018 in taking critical performance driven decisions for our affiliate marketing campaigns. There were a lot of predictions and forecasts for the affiliate marketing trends last year about what 2018 will be like and now with the Q1 ending, it’s time to review what’s been done so far and where do we want to go from here, don’t you say?

Today I will be exploring the affiliate marketing verticals which seem to be performing well this year and are expected to continue boosting ROI possibly the next year too.

So without further ado, here are 7 trending affiliate marketing verticals you need to be aware of:

1. Nutra / Health

This category involves all the campaigns related to health, diet, beauty, weight loss, fitness, wellness etc. With the world population gradually becoming more aware of health and nutrition related products, we are expecting to see a continued rise in this vertical and its ROI. Over the past few year we have seen a leap in the demand of offers from this vertical (specifically in the Tier 1 countries) as well as the supply of products and that’s a good thing. There are a lot of potential customers looking for products related to this niche and of course lots of money to be made. I won’t be surprised at all if in the coming years this becomes the top most in-demand vertical! So if you’re a health buff who has a website or a blog that caters to bringing awareness regarding this niche, don’t shy away from becoming an affiliate marketer in this vertical.

2. Sweepstakes & Coupons

This affiliate marketing vertical just doesn’t seem to go away. Coupons and sweepstakes continue to be a top favorite. Consumers prefer it because they win something, publishers love it because it stays in demand and advertisers – well they just love to offer free giveaways! Where sweepstakes allow the target audience to win a prize, coupons reward them for a certain goal like a signup or membership etc. Although these offers are generally Pop, many businesses still opt for them to build brand loyalty and a strong consumer base.

3. Finance

Another affiliate marketing vertical which appears to be quietly on the rise over the past decade is Finance. Offers related to this category continue to pop up on every CPA network. Campaigns, specifically in relation to the English speaking countries can be found for personal loans, auto loans, insurance, auto insurance and home equity etc. Traffic sources for finance related offers are generally expensive but well managed and have strict rules.

4. Adult

No surprises there. This vertical was performing well last year and is expected to continue doing so this year too and possibly the next one as well. Adult is one of the most oldest affiliate marketing verticals and also one of the most competitive. Ads in the form of content and video are on the rise and those who have an affinity to this evergreen niche will find themselves making a lot of cash. Of course each year the rules get tougher for this vertical as the market gets more saturated, but this affiliate marketing vertical continues to trend.

5. Games & Apps

CPA offers have always taken the lead but CPI offers aren’t far behind either. Times are turning and we all are witnessing a change in the rising affiliate marketing verticals as more and more consumers demand online game subscriptions and app installations. We are living in an age of mobile. Today there is an app for everything and online games have become addictive like never before. We have been seeing a great many offers sprout up for this affiliate marketing vertical and it is bringing in a lot of revenue for affiliates, making this niche almost as strong a contender as the adult vertical. Of course though, with these campaigns you learn to manage within restrictions because the rules for these offers tend to be stricter than adult but it’s totally worth it because there is a lot of money to be made.

6. Crypto

Who has not heard of bitcoin and blockchain technology? Apparently Crypto is a slightly newer affiliate marketing vertical but cryptocurrencies are making big splashes everywhere. This technology is changing the world as we know it and bringing opportunities for affiliates along the way as well now. So if you are into blockchain and crypto then you will love working on this affiliate marketing vertical.

7. E-Commerce

We live in an age where everything, well almost everything, can be brought online – which brings us to our last affiliate marketing vertical of 2018. E-commerce! This vertical was the rise of affiliate marketing, so no way we will forget to mention this one. Businesses understand that reaching out to a global audience is only possible with a strong online presence and nothing calls for a strong presence than an online e-store. E-commerce has been providing businesses with great opportunities and affiliates are making the most of it by earning good commission and high payout on affiliate marketing platforms. There are campaigns for all kinds of affiliate marketing verticals and niche – all you really have to do as an affiliate is invest some quality time and effort to start earning great commission.

Affiliate marketing continues to change grow and adapt. Your best plan of action should be to adapt with it. Today we have discussed top seven affiliate marketing verticals which will be trending in 2018. But this certainly doesn’t mean that all other affiliate marketing verticals will stop doing well. The best thing to do is keep an eye out on trends and a keen look out for consumer demand. Also, don’t forget to test and optimize your affiliate campaigns while you are at it.

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Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.