5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Maximizing your Holiday Performance

5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Maximizing your Holiday Performance
27 Oct 2017

The busiest shopping season of the year is just around the corner and the shopping has already started which means that your affiliate marketing strategies should already be planned out and in place. This year retail sales in the U.S rose above the expected 0.4% increase and record sales were documented earlier in the third quarter of 2017. This trend is expected to continue rising upward as the holidays get closer.

However, as affiliate marketers in today’s industry, you are also likely to face quite a few challenges which will be largely driven by cost as well as convenience. Don’t let this faze you though. Keeping in mind this year’s shopping trends and analyzing last year’s Q4 insights from it will enable you to build an affiliate marketing strategy that actually works. Every year, more and more people are turn to shopping online and ordering via their mobile devices. If you review the fourth quarter sales of 2016, you will see that one-third of all orders were made via affiliates through mobile.

Successful Affiliate Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season

For those of you who are still planning out your affiliate marketing strategies, we have some great performance marketing tips for you from our advertiser and publisher team to help you kick start your affiliate marketing efforts for the busiest season of the year.

1. Analyze last year’s holiday performance plan

Don’t forget to dive into the Q4 data from 2016 to analyze the activities and performance of your affiliate marketing campaigns. Keenly review the performance in all areas, reviewing ad placements, conversions, sales, average order value and returns etc. to get an understanding of what worked and what didn’t. Compare this data to the insights from the first 3 quarters of your affiliate marketing campaigns performance from 2017 as this analysis will be instrumental in devising a strategy for Q4 which will drive better conversions.

2. Optimize your website for mobile

As the use of Smartphone continues to rise, more and more shoppers are finding it convenient to shop online, making it a critical shopping tool and key driver of holiday business revenue. Secure online payment procedures are further helping in boosting the exposure for millions of brands. Additionally businesses are capitalizing on consumer behavior research and optimizing their websites accordingly. Website that are mobile-optimized are likely to receive 10% more clicks as opposed to those that are not. eCommerce businesses are driving bigger baskets all around the globe by focusing on consumer oriented website designs with better checkouts and great offers.

3. Capitalize on trends and market hot items

A strong holiday shopper conversion ratio is increasingly connected to a well-planned Q4 affiliate marketing strategy which exerts a strong influence throughout the holiday shopping season. You are more likely to get a high volume of clicks and conversions which in turn will get your advertisers big sales during the peak week if you plan your affiliate marketing strategies ahead of time by working around trending products and categories. Capitalize on the trends and hot items in the market by posting content along the lines of ‘Top 10 Gift Items…’ or ‘Top 7 Gadgets for Christmas…’ or 10 Must-have Beauty Products for Women’ etc. (You get the hint).

Do your research and know the hottest trends in your niche before creating content for the most in-demand products. This technique will not only get you good SEO rankings in the search engines but will also captivate potential customers because, hey, everyone wants to buy the best and the latest gifts at the cheapest prices.

4. Promote in advance for the peak week

When creating an affiliate marketing strategy for the fourth quarter of the year, try not to focus specifically only on one holiday. Many people make the epic mistake of creating promotions for only Black Friday or Thanksgiving. Try to think beyond that and drive shoppers to your website all through the fourth quarter by incentivizing customers during non-peak days in unique ways. End of November is generally the peak shopping time when retailers experience the highest volume of sales. So the perfect time to put your best foot forward and promote for that time is in advance.

You will be able to amplify services and product deals through ad placements and email campaigns way ahead of time and stick to the potential customer’s mind. When considering ad placement, don’t forget the last minute shoppers who would be looking for gift cards, discounts and fast shipping. They would want a quick fix to their needs and the right ad placement can make a world of difference!

5. Prioritize Cost and Convenience for Customers

During the holiday shopping season, customers are more interested in cost and convenience so don’t find it surprising when many ditch your brand for better offers despite being loyal customers. Brand loyalty tends to take a back seat over price and ease during the Q4 which is why your affiliate marketing strategy should be well-planned and put to work at the very beginning of the fourth quarter. The only way your advertiser’s brand will be at the top of the shopper’s minds is when you have promoted and marketed their business way ahead of the peak shopping time.

To capture more revenue, you can ramp up your affiliate marketing campaign further by the end of December with specific focus on last minute shoppers (because many online shoppers tend to delay shopping late into December). By the end of the month you can also start shifting the consumer mindset more towards accumulating experiences with food, wine and similar products during the last week or two of Q4.


A well thought out approach for the Q4 matters when creating Affiliate Marketing strategies

Incorporating new ideas and creating a data driven affiliate marketing strategy is only possible if you take a deep dip into the data and trends pool. With customers preferring the mobile-first approach, it is imperative to expose your brand to mobile optimization and not forgetting to tap into email or social campaigns. With a robust package of social, email and the right ad placement, you are more likely to drive in higher clicks and conversions. For those considering paid search, this is also the best time to explore this venue and opt for popular keywords and phrases with the cost in check. Implementing these five proven strategies will help you and your advertiser’s brand step up their game for the holiday season and gain a higher ROI.

Did we miss out on a strategy you think should be in our list? Do drop us a line and share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.