Does your Affiliate Marketing Platform offer enough Performance Value?

Does your Affiliate Marketing Platform offer enough Performance Value?
26 Feb 2018

Performance marketing offers both flair and innovation at the digital marketing front to brands across the world. It has powered revolutionary ideas and helped introduce varied consumer facing concepts, eventually becoming a go-to marketing channel for a large number of companies. The zero risk factor that allows advertisers to pay only after the results have been delivered is what basically catches the attention of professional marketers.

Performance marketing gained popularity mainly due to the great combo of innovation and advertising that it offers. Unlike the traditional mode of advertising, this type of marketing provides ever-changing and consistently improving ways to help advertisers run highly targeted campaigns. With the rise of affiliate marketing platforms the traditional value proposition of advertising was reversed and led affiliates to cutting edge trends in relation to social media, content creation, mobile apps and niche marketing.

This year, more talks are expected to revolve around the performance marketing industry and its use of influencers, artificial intelligence and automation for problem solving. In the near future affiliate marketing platforms are expected to introduce automation and AI for day to day campaign management solutions. Users of the affiliate industry have gained interest in a more effective use of this new technology and looking forward to performing an increasing number of tasks with specific focus on campaign optimization and reporting.


The Cost of Running a Campaign on an Affiliate Marketing Platform

Affiliate marketing platforms are enabling advertisers to target a more personalized communication to their specific market. Because there is no upfront payment required, performance marketing offers a risk free advertising model for most part and is preferred by more advertisers. It is both trackable and measurable down to the very first click, which gives advertisers the feasibility of measuring everything from the cost of acquisition to incrementality. It allows advertisers to pay only for a positive return on investment while enabling publishers to easily measure the effectiveness of their advertising efforts against the true value of their audience.

It’s a known fact that approximately 46% to 50% sales of most brands generally comes from affiliate marketing platforms which is helping create real partnerships between brands and merchants. This model of marketing allows publishers to remain proactive in their campaigns as they get paid for the results they produce. Performance advertising enables them to get the real value of their audience by stimulating the target market with unique creatives. The very structure of performance marketing pushes publishers to focus on profitable transaction, leading them to create new customer acquisition metrics. Using a reliable affiliate marketing platform, marketing strategists are able to successfully deploy, track and manage advertising campaigns.

Today, companies prefer opting for reliable affiliate marketing platforms because of the visibility and higher customer acquisition rate these broad portals offers them. With time, more brands are demanding pay-for-performance deals because of their cost effectiveness which only affiliate marketing platforms are truly able to deliver.


The Real Power of Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Thousands of businesses are thriving on affiliate marketing today. Brands no longer have to worry about paying for branding and click through rates. Because affiliate marketing platforms remove the guesswork, making tracking easier, publishers get paid for their performance with returns that are generally phenomenal. Affiliate marketing platforms like Bevo Media are providing retailers access to huge volumes of consumers on varied transactional points across the digital arena. Meaning that as a publisher you are able to tap into a large target audience coming in from across the world. Moreover, with enhanced targeting capabilities, marketers can now target audience based on their OS, browsers and device specifications as well. No other mode of advertising offers such a vast reach.

Performance marketing offers an improved reach, easy implementation and increased response rate which leads directly to increased sales. The affiliate marketing platform provides a valuable model which is a win-win for both advertisers and publishers. A successful marketing strategy execution requires deployment of powerful affiliate marketing platform that enables easy tracking and management of campaigns. In the long run, performance marketing is a major commitment which is both cost effective and efficient, offering brands one of the cheapest ways to reach and acquire potential customers.

However, despite all the varied benefits that affiliate marketing platforms offer, many performance marketers are unable to successfully manage and run campaigns. Some of the basic things which performance marketers sometimes end up overlooking, which lead to disastrous results for campaigns, include:

  • Not Properly Tracking Your Campaigns: Affiliate marketing is a cost-per-transaction model which is why you cannot lose money on this marketing channel unless you are overlooking some major things which can raise a red flag for sure. Tracking is imperative to performance marketing and neglecting your campaign after launching them is a huge road bump which will lead you to a dead end for sure and lose you money.
  • Not Building Quality Partnerships: Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money but it’s definitely not easy. 89% of affiliate marketing campaigns fail because the marketers either don’t know the product they are promoting well enough to do it justice or avoid to split test their campaigns and optimize them for the target audience. Campaigns succeed when advertisers and publishers work together in a continued partnership to generate innovative ideas and encourage quality content.
  • Turning a Blind Eye to your Performance Campaign: Of course performance marketing works wonders for brands and offers cost effective solutions. However, the real success of any performance marketing campaign comes from intelligently managing your campaigns instead of launching them and then leaving them in thin air, hoping it would work miracles. Just joining an affiliate marketing platform is not enough. There is no replacement for all the time and effort which builds a solid campaign.


All that said…

Performance marketing is a very large industry which has become the main source of online income for thousands of bloggers and online marketers. It offers a massive earning potential, impressive audience reach and campaign management solutions to companies across the globe.

Affiliate marketing platforms have redefined the consumer selling model and improved the relation between media sites and online retailers. Today’s popular performance marketing structure is designed to satisfy the increasing consumer demands for self-service by offering a shopping experience that engenders loyalty through diverse revenue streams.

Is your affiliate marketing platform helping your brand reach its full potential?


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.