Avoiding to use an Ad Tracking Platform to track your Campaigns? Read This!

Avoiding to use an Ad Tracking Platform to track your Campaigns? Read This!
27 Apr 2018

Every once in a while I come across publishers who are not too keen about tracking the campaigns they are running. When asked why, they reply in a matter-of-fact way that it doesn’t seem necessary because they make enough sales.

But how do they know that?

How can anyone know if they are making enough sales and not missing out on more lucrative opportunities without tracking your campaign? How will you know if your landing page is captivating enough target audience or if your content is appealing ample consumers without zooming in on your efforts?

As a publisher your main aim is to increase your commission (a.k.a make lots of money!)

You can start by promoting your offers in emails, content or social media but the very next thing you will need to do in order to increase conversions is a good understanding of which promotional methods are giving you the best return on your investment.

And it’s honestly impossible to do so without tracking links via a reliable ad tracking platform which is why it amazes me even more when I hear affiliates disregarding tracking.


Some say Google Analytics is enough.

It really isn’t.

Google analytics might give you detailed insights of your website traffic and content but it will not be able to track the details regarding your affiliate campaigns and links. That’s something only a reliable ad tracking platform can do.

Tracking links is essential to building strong affiliate campaigns. While it might seem like a minor task and a hassle to many newbie affiliates, failure to track links leads to less revenue generation. How on earth do you expect to know whether your affiliate marketing strategies are working if you do not track your campaign links?


So how can an Affiliate track his/her Campaign Marketing efforts?

There are some fairly simple ways to do so:

Dashboard Reports – At BevoMedia.com, we enable you to view your campaign reports once you have logged into your publisher account. You can easily filter through the reports and learn how each campaign is performing. You can view your performance, conversion and referral reports by adjusting them to a customized time frame. Almost all affiliate marketing networks offer reporting which enables publishers to see which of their marketing efforts are delivering the best results and help them in refining their approach to earn better commission.

Using Sub-Ids – Most affiliate networks allow you to add a Sub Id to your tracking link which enables you to create customized links that can be used for different traffic sources. For instance, if you want to track conversions from your email campaigns, you can simply add a Sub Id such as ‘email’ at the end of your tracking link and then use it for your email promotions.  Many publishers hamper their campaign performance by avoiding to use Sub-Ids and never being able to find out where their sales are actually coming from. A Sub-ID often stores click or session IDs which is why it can help you track imperative details that you would want to know like which source a sale came in from, especially if you are promoting on multiple websites. When you don’t create a sub-id because you consider it irrelevant, you end up missing out on information you will need later to assess your campaign performance and marketing efforts.

Ad Tracking Platform – When you add a Sub Ids into a link, you become capable of tracking very specific things regarding your campaigns like how well one specific email or a specific blog post is performing. At BevoMedia.com we cater to this need of our publishers by offering them FREE access to our very own Bevo Media Ad Tracker. The Bevo Media ad tracking platform enables affiliates to drill down into their campaign specifics. Our tracker gives you military grade accuracy and offers extensive tracking features including tracking ads, keywords, landing pages, IPs, time & day, location, referrers, traffic sources, niche, mobile settings, custom variables and more! Not just that but it can be easily integrated with 54 most popular affiliate networks.It has a centralized tag management system, step tracking and 4 conversion tracking options where you can opt to track your conversions via Sub Id, postback, Autosync and even fingerprint tracking.


This is why Investing in reliable Ad Tracking Platform is crucial to your campaign’s success

While gaining an understanding of the workings of using sub-ids is imperative for tracking your campaigns, only a strong affiliate ad tracking platform will let you track the essential details of your campaigns which come in handy when you are running multiple campaigns and want to access your marketing performance and efforts in detail.

Which ad tracking platform do you use to track your affiliate marketing campaigns?


Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.