Deliver Targeted Ads to Consumers with Cross Device Tracking

Deliver Targeted Ads to Consumers with Cross Device Tracking
16 Jan 2018

Consumers make purchases when and as they find convenient. Most of your potential customers own two or more devices, making them prone to using one for research and another for following a lead or making a purchase. This is why, without cross device tracking, marketers lack visibility of more than half their traffic which leaves them unable to monitor critical consumer behavior and greatly hampers their marketing campaigns as well as their ad spend.

To truly understand a customer’s journey, marketers need to look beyond the consumed content. For a broader picture, a deeper insight into consumer behavior and interest is required which only a reliable ad tracker can provide. Cross device tracking allows marketers and advertisers to compile consumer preferences to offer them a smooth user experience across all devices. Marketers no longer wish to remain in the dark and cross device tracking enables them to track consumers across all the devices they use.


Deliver Targeted Ads with Improved Understanding of Consumer Behavior

It goes without saying that cross device tracking gives you a better understanding of your consumers behavior and interests. Marketers can identify helpful behavioral trends and predominant behavior to reach their intended audience. Cross device tracking allows you to deliver specific ads to consumers. Once you know the behavior and interests of your consumers, you will be able to better target them on their specific device which they prefer using for making purchase.

Most consumers device hop these days and understanding their pattern or which device consumers use to complete the purchase gives marketers a better understanding of which device to target for specific ads.


Gain a Complete View of your Consumer’s Experience with Cross Device Tracking

Cross device tracking can provide a more accurate and complete picture of your customer’s journey without which you will be shooting blindly for your target and most possibly missing. Cross device tracking is enabling marketers to use the deep insight to take informed decisions, optimize the consumer experience and drive their behavior as a result. It further offers marketers additional granularity by helping scrutinizing the marketing budget and spending only on media and content which is working out on specific devices.

Advanced platforms like Bevo Media offer their users a powerful ad tracker which has a built-in cross device tracking capability that gives marketers the ability to match their consumer’s activity taking place on a variety of devices (from desktop to tablets and Smartphones). This feature is specifically necessary in today’s connected world where marketers are relying more and more on a unified view of their customer’s journey. Cross device tracking is enabling marketers worldwide to build more personalized connections with their target audience by empowering them to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience.

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Sana Khan

Sana is the Communications Director and content specialist at Bevo Media.