15 Affiliate Marketing Pro Tips You Wouldn’t Want To Leave Behind In 2017

15 Affiliate Marketing Pro Tips You Wouldn’t Want To Leave Behind In 2017
16 Dec 2016

This year taught us all a few valuable lessons and has given us some good experiences along with a couple of possibly bad ones.

The online affiliate marketing industry is large, volatile and at times… complex. We all need a word of advice or a friendly tip every now and then. To motivate you, we have compiled a list of some interesting and very helpful advice from the affiliate marketing industry professionals.

A big thank you to all the affiliate marketing pros we reached out to, who took the time to answer our question and share with us some great affiliate marketing tips that worked for them, and will surely work for us too in the coming year.

What is the One Affiliate Marketing Tip you would like to share?

Karl Kangur MonetizePros

karl kruger

“My one tip would be to only promote products you actually believe in. It’s pretty simple to market anything but in most cases, that’s not a viable business model in the long-term. Focus more on the long-term side of your affiliate business and stop looking for a quick buck.”

Marcus Miller BowlerHat


marcus miller

The most important element to affiliate marketing is to add value. Go beyond what the site you are an affiliate for does or even can do. Provide something unique. Customer reviews. Testimonials. Unboxing. Tutorials. How to guides. FAQs. Figure out what the prospects pain points are and deal with them comprehensively.

You are looking to be the #1 authoritative voice on the product or service so you should research all the potential questions and generate plenty of SEO friendly content ideas that that helps boost traffic and take the user from browser to buyer. In brief – be the authority for this product or service and then everything else – from link building to ad campaigns becomes orders of magnitude easier.

Marko Saric HowToMakeMyBlog


marko seric

“Focus on providing value to your visitors (educate them, entertain them, inform them, have the best resource on the topic), rather than on selling affiliate products. The sales will come indirectly as people consume your content, find it useful and share it with their networks.”

Jayson Demers

jayson demers

“Try creating in-depth product comparisons and concluding with which one is the “winner”. This is a great way to help people make the decision of which product to buy, right at the time when they’re most likely to buy.”

Brian Lang SmallBusinessIdeasBlog

brian lang

“Spend time creating useful content, growing and engaging your audience and finding good affiliate products to promote. If you do those 3 things, then affiliate marketing will work for you.”

Harris SchachterOptimizePrime

harris schachter

“The one tip I would say to anyone thinking about affiliate marketing is to do something you’re genuinely interested in. Unless you have a heavy investment up front, you won’t earn sales out of the gate, so treat it more like a hobby. If you enjoy what you’re doing it doesn’t seem like work, and the end product will be much better. Before long you’ll be earning traffic and earning kickbacks from your affiliate sales.”

Dave SchneiderNinjaOutreach

david schneider

“My tip is to not market products you don’t support. That is a sure way to lose the faith of your audience and earn a bad reputation.”

Evgeniy GarkaviyMorak

evgeniy garkaviy

“In 2017 affiliate marketing will not change a lot compared to the previous year. Mobile focus will prevail over desktop. Quality traffic and user experience is what really matter for me. Valuable content is what people looking online. Do not focus on money at first, think about your readers.

It is better to spend more time on creating content that your competition can’t compete with. Similar technique is used by Brian Dean. His blog has less than 40 articles but generate thousands of visitors every day. The reason is that he spend a lot of time on quality content creation.

Another very important part is promotion. Don’t rely on a single traffic source. Sometime organic traffic works best, another time it could be email campaign, social media campaign etc. So cross-channel promote works better for me.

Quick conclusion – do not stay on the same place. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things.”

Venchito TamponSharpRocket

venchito tampon

“Start creating comprehensive product reviews that cater to a very targeted audience. You can include video tutorials on how to use the product. Software or SaaS products are easy to demonstrate on video tutorials. You can use tools like Camtasia.

The key here is to consistently generate organic visits and conversions by creating a robust content strategy which involves comprehensive product tutorial guides, so you don’t look as if you’re just selling them a product/service.

If you’re trying to get backlinks from other niche sites pointing to your product reviews, make sure you have a diverse set of anchor texts. Learn more from this anchor text guide.”

Matt WolfeMultiplyAuthority

venchito tampon

“When it comes to affiliate marketing, don’t try to sell people on a product. Teach people how to use a product… Or, better yet, teach people how to complete a process where one of the steps required in the process requires the product that you are promoting.

For example, if I was to promote a shovel on Amazon, I’d teach people how to dig the perfect hole to plant their tomatoes and then recommend that shovel as the best tool to complete what I just taught. Promote through education not through hard sales tactics.”

Tor RefslandTimeManagementChef

tor refsland

“If I had to give you ONE affiliate marketing tip…it would basically be the same strategy as when you are selling your own product / services. The only difference is that your will be promoting an affiliate product instead of your own stuff. I works like this.

Create a free opt-in that is relevant to your email sequence and your affiliate offer.”

Sean Patrick SiSeanSi

tor refsland

“It would most probably be to make your affiliate marketing page searchable. Apply SEO. If you’re getting perpetual search traffic to your affiliate marketing landing page, that could bring in perpetual income. There’s nothing better than that!”

Terry Kyle CloudBoss.pro

terry kyle

“Almost nobody is actively SEOing big name brand terms that get a ton of traffic on Google and many/most of these brands have their own affiliate programs or through Commission Junction, Share A Sale etc.

In short, brands are dead easy to rank for with good SEO and the affiliate competition is usually weak or even non-existent in some cases.”

Al-Amin KabirMarketever.com

terry kyle

“I started from scratch. I was practically a broke guy trying to make a living out of this business. I grabbed every opportunity I got. At that time, I went through thick and thin. Yet I knew I had to make it big. That was one kind of challenge I came face to face with.

It is easy to get distracted when things are not working out. Few choose to quit or jump to other sections of the IM. But the trick is to stay put to your job and toil until you see your efforts bear fruits. Be focused, only on 1 project at a time.

Eventually, after a year or two, you will make it big. The second challenge is to sustain the success. I still remember when I sold my first website to a 6-digit price. I got excited and tried to multiply what I got out of the deal by creating 20-30 Niche websites at a time.
Managing one website is hard enough, just imagine managing 30! Naturally, it was a mistake. I tried to maintain too many and lost my focus. In the end, none of those websites clicked when it mattered.

You have to work smart. When you taste success, repeat the process. Don’t go for too many websites at a time. Focus your time and efforts on one or two sites and expand your niche around the main vertical.

You’ll make a bank out of affiliate niche sites, trust me.”

7 Key Takeaways of the Affiliate Industry Roundup

    • Focus on one project & niche at a time

There is no such thing as earning quick money in affiliate marketing.

    • Offer unique & quality content

From writing reviews to offering tutorials, product comparisons, tips, how-to guides, answering comments and lists, there is so much that you can offer to your target audience. Doing so will allow you to engage with your audience and become the authority voice in your industry.

    • Define your niche

Despite the common misunderstanding, affiliate marketing takes time and patience. Pick an industry you are genuinely passionate about and work on promoting products in your field of interest only.

    • Don’t market what you don’t support

Always promote the products you are confident about and don’t go marketing products you would not buy yourself. If you support a product you have no faith in, you will ultimately lose your audience instead of captivating it.

    • Focus on the Mobile

There are more Smartphone users today as compared to desktop users and it is only a smart move to focus on offering your mobile users a quality user experience. A responsive website or blog will allow you to promote your products to those using tablets and smartphones.

    • Try cross-channel promotions

Sometimes only blog posting doesn’t work. You need to focus on offering useful content while promoting it through social media, email marketing and pushing it through SEO in organic searches.

    • Work on getting organic traffic

SEO should never be overlooked when marketing your affiliate products. Work on a content strategy with specific focus on SEO to get your content ranked in organic searches as this will help you attract a larger target audience.

So, where is Affiliate Marketing Industry headed in 2017?

Marketing is no longer about just making money. Somewhere during the past year or so it transformed and became more personalized, largely shifting towards genuinely helping users. This major shift in the affiliate culture has led marketers to focus on building relationships and opting for a more personal approach to yield better results.

2017 will be all about going the extra mile. Be it in affiliate marketing or business marketing in general, everyone will be working towards building long lasting one-on-one relationships and gaining trust. Relationships have always been the backbone of the affiliate industry, whether it’s between the marketer and consumer or the product owner and the affiliate marketer. This trust building trend will continue from this year to the next, leading to better recommendations and giving more transparency to the marketing processes.

Content will become more user-centric and the focus will continue to remain on assisting users and helping your audience solve their problems. Context of the content will allow affiliates to present their marketing message to the right audience at the right time.

The online affiliate marketing industry is volatile and exciting for those who stay up-to-date on the trends. The coming year looks promising for affiliate marketers who have their feet firmly planted on the ground and their eye wide open for the latest shifts in trends. But despite it all, one thing is clear, the earlier you start on setting aside your fears and working on what matters more to your audience, the more time you will have to reap the benefits of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Have a tip for your fellow affiliate marketers or a thought that you’d like to share? Tell us all about it in the comments sections below. We love to hear from you!


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